Popping: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Dec 19, 2008 - 86 pages
Familiar Quotations PoppingExcuse me for being rude. It was not me, it was my food. It just popped-up to say hello and went back down below.ndash;Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryPopping ndash; PapistsBecause the Papists persecute the truth should we, on that account, refrain from repressing error?ndash;John Calvin Use in Literature PoppingThen peace, truth, and plenty our kingdom will crown, And all Popish plots and their plotters shall down.ndash;Charles Mackay (editor) in Cavalier Songs and Ballads of England from 1642 to 1684.Jim and I popped our horses into the police stables, and put on a couple of their waterproof capes.ndash;Rolf Boldrewood (T.A.Browne) in Robbery Under Arms.The scare flashed through the herd from rear to point, and hell began popping right then and there.ndash;Andy Adams in The Outlet.During the persecutions inflicted in the interval of Popish restoration under the reign of Mary, upon all who favored the Reformation, many of the most zealous reformers had been compelled to fly their country.ndash;John Quincy Adams in Orations of John Quincy Adams.I popped the gems into my purse, well pleased.ndash;Grant Allen in An African Millionaire.Yes; the abolishing of Antichrist, And of this Popish order from our Realm.ndash;Shakespeare Apocrypha in Cromwell.Then came the rattle of plates and the clink of glasses, followed by the popping of champagne and the multitudinous and distracting Babel of tongues.ndash;T.S. Arthur in Danger.The female pops in and out of apparently cosy quarters.ndash;E.J. Banfield in My Tropic Isle.The forgotten Cosmo pops up again; the Colonel introduces him with a gesture and darts off to his baby.ndash;James M. Barrie in Alice Sit-By-The-Fire.

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