Popularizing: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Use in Literature PopularizingThis, then, has been the fiercest battle of mankind; the heroic struggle to break down the sacerdotal barrier, to popularize knowledge, and to liberate the mind, began ages before the crucifixion upon Calvary; it still goes on.ndash;Brooks Adams in The Emancipation of Massachusetts.We ought incessantly to popularise the principle by writing; and, what is better than writing, small preliminary bits of experiment.ndash;Walter Bagehot in The English Constitution.It would be a good thing for France if this idea could be popularised.ndash;Honoreacute; de Balzac in The Duchesse de Langeais.Of course it may be worth doing if you are content with indicating a treatment which other people can apply and popularise.ndash;Arthur Christopher Benson in At Large.Fortunately for the lover of nature no English writer has as yet popularized the Vosges.' - Matilda Betham-Edwards in In the Heart of the Vosges (And Other Sketches by a 'Devious Traveller).ndash;Matilda Betham-EdwardsSuch at any rate, is Mr. Bird's theory; and he is just now endeavouring to promote a scheme for the popularising of chess amongst the industrial classes.ndash;Henry Edward Bird in Chess History and Reminiscences.We cannot doubt that the failure of the emperor's endeavor to popularize his rule was as largely due to the tyrannical acts and oppressive measures of some of his principal ministers as to unpopular and unsuccessful expeditions.ndash;Demetrius Charles Boulger in China.The Greenland whale fishery has been so popularized that most people know something about it; the sperm whale fishery still awaits its Scoresby and a like train of imitators and borrowers.ndash;Frank T. Bullen in The Cruise of the Cachalot.For the popularisation of science, which was to be one of the features of the nineteenth century, was in fact a condition of the success of the idea of Progress.ndash;J.B. Bury in The Idea Of Progress.It made no contribution to the doctrine of Progress, but it undoubtedly helped to popularise it.ndash;J.B. Bury in The Idea Of Progress.

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