Power Love and Sound Mind

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"Power, Love, & Sound Mind" has been eight years in the making. There are 7 Parts within the writings of this one book:

Part I: Covers man and woman created on the "sixth" day of creation (whom Cain married into), and the first Pre-Hebrew family, Adam and Eve, and God's envolvment with them. This ends with the mark God set upon Cain, meaning for a future set time. 

Part II: Lineages, takes us through the worlds various races that extended from the three sons of Noah, and Canaan. 

Part III, Parables and understandings, are detailed lifes examples for understandings in Jesus Christ parables and teachings, for the spiritual message they are.

Part IV: Wisdom of Revelation, is the entire interpretation of "Revelation," chapter by chapter.You will come to understand the history, perils, persecutions, dominations, and growth of the Christian faith to where it stands today within a free land. Much of the Apostle John's prophecy, has become our history. 

Part V: Levi and Lazarus, is the proper interpretation of the ever important Parable: "The Rich Man, and the Poor Man."

Part VI, Who was "Job," covers the Prophet Job and what his life symbolized, as well as the sin God punished him for.

Part VII: Reality in the Lord's Word, brings us to God's Word in prophecy as it continues to unfold in our time - today.

"Power, Love, & Sound Mind is thoroughly supported with scriptural notatons so that revealing of prophecy, and the understandings of Jesus' teachings can quickly be cross referenced in God's Holy Bible.

These powerful interpretaions and writings do not promote any religion, but only God's message of "Truth" as it was first and originally, spiritually intended.  

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Sobre o autor (2008)

As a young child I grew up attending Church with my family. There was always one character in the Holy Bible that intrigued me. I used to think about this Bible character alot: King Solomon, and his great wisdom.

Later, I began to wonder why the Bible would be so difficult to understand as a whole, being so very important to mankind. Still young I began to ask Jesus in my prayers at night "if I could have wisdom too, or if that was only for King Solomon." Just a year later, life as I had known it completely fell apart for many years.

In adulthood, picking up the Holy Bible again, I leafed through it's familiar pages and found "II Timothy 1:7, For God hath not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind." It finally occured to me that in order to understand God's Holy Word, that first one had to have a disciplined and clear mind. This to mean resolving open issues in the heart and mind that effect our emotions and perceptions. 

Then I learned that in order to understand something so pure and right, there would need to be a contrast of just what can be so wrong in life. Having had a good dose of that, my prayers and search for understanding God's "Truth" began. 

In these writings: "Power, Love, and Sound Mind," you too will come to understand God's mysterious spiritual knowledge, and the renewal of life in Jesus Christ, granted to me as beautiful wisdom to my heart and soul.

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