Power Plant Engineering

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Springer, 1996 - Technology & Engineering - 858 pages
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The electric power generation and distribution industry has its structurethecompletecastofplayers necessary to mount evolved during almost exactly one century into its present suchaproduction. Equallyimportanttoits success,Black & form. Thisdevelopmenthasbeendrivenbyeconomics,tech­ Veatchmanagementhad the vision toencouragetheproject. nologicaladvancements,andgovernmentregulations.These Thehighleveloftalentandtheeffortexpendedonthetaskof diverse forces have produced generation and distribution producingthebookareevidentinthequalityoftheresulting systems that are reliable, safe, and environmentally accept­ product. able, suitable for service throughout the world. Thetechnol­ The bookwiselyconcentrates onstate-of-the-arttechnol­ ogies which make up the systems have brought a highly ogy. Itemphasizesthe whyand the whatofcurrentpractice. convenient and economic form of energy to both densely However, it does not neglect some of the underutilized en­ populatedcities and remote geographic areas. Electrical en­ ergy sources and systems or the more promising of the ergy has become a fundamental requirement for the exis­ developingtechnologies.Thereaderwillgainafirm founda­ tence of modern society. Likewise, it is essential for eco­ tion in the technology and a good understanding of com­ nomic progress in lesser developed regions. monlyencountered systemconfigurations. Additionally, the Because the need for electricity is pervasive in our soci­ ground work is adequately laidfor the reader to beprepared ety,thereisacontinuinginterestinthetechnologyofelectric for developments in the future.

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Lawrence F. Drbal, Patricia G. Boston, Kayla L. Westra, Black & Veatch - Technology & Engineering - 1996 - 858 pages
This comprehensive volume provides a complete, authoritative, up-to-date reference
for all aspects of power plant engineering. Coverage ranges from engineering economics to coal and limestone handling, from design processes to plant thermal heat balances. Both theory and practical applications are covered, giving engineers the information needed to plan, design, construct, upgrade, and operate power plants. Power Plant Engineering is the culmination of experience of hundreds of engineers from Black & Veatch, a leading firm in the field for more than 80 years. The authors review all major power generating technologies, giving particular emphasis to current approaches. Special features of the book include more than 1000 figures and line drawings that illustrate all aspects of the subject; coverage of related components and systems in power plants such as turbine generators, feedwater heaters, condensers, and cooling towers; Definitions and analyses of the features of various plant systems; and discussions of promising future technologies. Power Plant Engineering will be the standard reference in the professional engineer's library as the source of information on steam power plant generation. In addition, the clear presentation of the material will make  

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Good to understand the thermal power plant equipment details.

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