Power of Plentiful Wisdom

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AuthorHouse, Aug 19, 2010 - Philosophy - 108 pages
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ááThe book “Power of Plentiful Wisdom” takes you on the journey of rediscovering the hidden essence of common things.

Everything around us is purposeful and meaningful. Starting from the change of seasons to building a house–it's all filled with insights for living wisely.

áááThe true wisdom is powerful and plentiful. It's open for anyone who seeks it.


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Review Written by Bernie Weisz contact :BernWei@aol,com January 17, 2011 Pembroke Pines, Florida
title of Review:"The Greatest Advice Can Sometimes Come From The Most Unlikely Of Sources!" Who is
Julia Shpak? Well, who were Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Plato, Aristotle or even Tony Robbins when they first came out? Except for the first name, the rest carved their impact in history, but even these giants when they first started were from obscure origins. Mrs. Shpak came out with a book last year, entitled "Power of Plentiful Wisdom" that gives all readers powerful and abundant wisdom and inspiration that in the economic doldrums of today's ever changing world can truly benefit anyone young and old. All books are open to idiosyncratic translation. From the Bible, to "The Power of Positive Thinking", by Norman Vincent Peal, one can extrapolate their own subjective meaning of what they are reading. Some people insist that "Scientology" is the smartest thing to hit mankind in the 21st Century. One thing for sure, everything, including Shpak's book is open to interpretation. Needless to say, her 94 pages of anecdotes are backed up by some of the world's greatest thinkers, all having their own following per se. Nevertheless, there are pearls of wisdom and knowledge laced throughout this informative book. Some are timeworn cliches, but all of these familiar tunes have stood the test of time simply because they work! The tantalizing simplicity of the following, e.g. "it is what it is, if nothing changes, then nothing changes, experience is the best teacher and the road to hell is paid with good intentions have been around simply because they contain subtle truths and wisdoms inherently perceptive and brilliant of the way of life. As an example, Mrs. Shpak starts out with a parable entitled "A Garden to Cultivate" which states: "Take care of your garden and keep on sowing your seeds, because you never know which one will grow. Some might be eaten by birds or not stand the weather changes, and some just might stand it at all. The soil will give you back exactly what you have put into it. If you plant daises, you cannot expect roses. If you pollute the soil, the fruit it bears will be polluted and poisoned as well. Surely, a garden could grow all by itself for awhile, but eventually, the weeds will take over, so you won't even see the flowers. Our mind is a garden that should be cherished. If you care about it, you will always smell the flowers." There are other tidbits of wisdom, that fit this era. With the cosmetic surgery craze of late, self vanity is at it's highest. Does it guarantee happiness? Look at the late Michael Jackson for some of the answers. Mrs. Shpak wrote something in this book about that topic that stood out: "There once was a rose by the road. People passed by it every day and ran their fingers through it's gentle white petals. But nobody took the flower home, Until one morning, the rose fell-unable to hold any longer. Have you seen youth and beauty worn out and thrown away like a dry flower? People come and go, but true love stays." One thing for sure about this book is that it will have you rereading it over and over again and have you thinking for weeks and months about the betterment of your life! This book is priceless! It is no wonder that the author leaves eleven blank pages at the end for the reader to translate their thoughts, interpretations and deductions for themselves to objectively reach. This is the most inexpensive, yet most simplistic and affordable therapy the reader can buy. Mrs.Shpak's book is indispensable reading!  

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"I must say upon my examining this piece of literature I've never come upon such writing as so rare yet magnificent. This book clearly represents an art form of knowledge that no human being should go without." -K. Vivian Campbell-

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