Practical Statistics: A Handbook for the Use of the Statisticians at Work, Students in Colleges and Academies, Agents, Census Enumerators, Etc

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W. E. Smythe Company, 1888 - 201 halaman
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Halaman 184 - I would urge upon the Government of the United States, and upon the government of the States, the necessity of providing by law for the admission of students that have taken scientific courses in statistics as honorary attaches of or clerks to be employed in the practical work of statistical offices. This is easily done without expenditure by the Government, but with the very best economic results. "We take a census in the United States every ten years, but as a rule the men that are brought into...
Halaman 139 - The general court of the year 1845 passed an act (chapter 171) ' to obtain statistical information in relation to certain branches of industry.
Halaman 134 - ... such information being deemed confidential and not for the purpose of disclosing personal affairs, and any officer, agent or employe of said bureau violating this provision shall forfeit a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars, or be imprisoned for not more than one year.
Halaman 71 - Commonwealth required by articles twenty-one and twenty-two of tion ofetiic bathe amendments to the constitution, and the decennial ofTi^r".** census of the industries of the Commonwealth, shall be taken in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-five and in every tenth year thereafter, under the direction of the bureau of statistics of labor, by enumerators to be appointed by said bureau as hereinafter provided. SECTION 2. The information sought by the census schedules on shall be gathered on eight...
Halaman 36 - By individuals living out of families is meant all persons occupying lofts in public buildings, above stores, warehouses, factories, and stables, having no other usual place of abode; persons living solitary in cabins, huts, or tents; persons sleeping on river boats, canal boats, barges, etc., having no other usual place of abode, and persons in police stations having no homes. Of the classes just mentioned, the most important, numerically, is the first, viz: those persons, chiefly in cities, who...
Halaman 134 - It shall be the duty of every owner, operator or manager of every factory, workshop, mill, mine or other establishment where labor is employed, to make to the bureau, upon blanks furnished by said bureau, such reports and returns as the said bureau may require, for the purpose of compiling such labor statistics as are authorized...
Halaman 136 - Largest number of persons employed, and the mouth in which such number was employed. (10.) Total wages, not including salaries of managers, paid during the year, distinguishing as to sex, adults and children. (11.) Proportion that the business of the year bore to the greatest capacity for production of the establishment. (12.) Number of weeks in operation during the year, partial time being reduced to full time.
Halaman 140 - Censuses taken at intervals of ten years are liable to be quite inadequate for comparison, for the reason that one decade may end when our industries are in a flourishing condition, while the next may terminate in a year of great depression. Statistics are relied upon as of great value in scientific and economic inquiries, but they may be very misleading and insufficient to present the true conditions when collected only at long intervals.
Halaman 180 - This institution is a training school for university graduates of the highest ability in the art of administration, and in the conduct of statistical and other economic inquiries that are. of interest and importance to the Government. The practical work is done in connection with government offices, among which advanced students are distributed with specific tasks. Systematic instruction is given by lectures, and by the seminary or laboratory method, under a general director. Government...
Halaman 71 - SECTION 1. The decennial census of the Commonwealth, required by articles twenty-one and twenty-two of the amendments to the constitution, and the decennial census of the industries of the Commonwealth, shall be taken in the year...

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