Practical Guide to Homœopathy, for Family and Private Use, Comp. from the Standard Works of Pulte, Laurie, Ruddock, Verdi, and Others: For the Use of Twenty-eight Homœopathic Remedies

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A. F. Worthington & Company, 1889 - Homeopathy - 180 pages
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Page 137 - Great prostration; weak, languid, prostrated state of the system; gastric and intestinal disturbance; sore throat, particulary pustular; eruptive diseases; rattling or hollow cough, worse at night, with suffocation; throat full of phlegm; sweat on the forehead; vomiting of food, etc.
Page 109 - Nux vomica will generally be found successful in removing this condition. A dose two or three times a day. GENERAL DIRECTIONS — A change of diet, more vegetables and fruit, exercise, and a free use of cold water should be resorted to; and should the constipation prove very obstinate, an injection of warm water, in which a little castile soap has been dissolved, may be used. DIARRHEA. This condition requires to be carefully guarded against, as having a tendency to bring on miscarriage. Chamomilla...
Page 138 - ... a bee, accompanied with burning. Styes, particularly on the left eye-lid; red and highly inflamed tonsils; dryness of the mouth and throat, with stinging pain when swallowing; Diphtheria, with great debility at the beginning; Scarlatina, with dry nose and throat; Erysipelas, Nettle-rash, and other itching, stinging and burning eruptions; Dropsy, especially after Scarlatina. ARNICA MONTANA. Leopard's Bane.
Page 143 - Calcarea is especially suitable to the venoso-htemorrhoidal, plethoric, or the lymphatic, slow and heavy, or to the scrophutous, rickety constitution, especially when there is a predominant disposition to fluent coryza, cold and diarrhoea ; or it is particularly adapted to frail individuals, being poorly fed, or also to such as had, in their young years, a marked disposition for growing fat and stout. In general, Calcarea is especially useful to the young organism ; it corresponds more than any other...
Page 59 - The complaint appears under such various shapes, imitates so many other diseases, and is attended with such a variety of symptoms, which denote the animal and vital functions to be considerably disordered, that it is difficult to give a just character or definition of it ; and it is only by taking an assemblage of all its appearances, that we can convey a proper idea of it to others.
Page 47 - Much chilliness with little heat, or much heat and little chilliness. Paroxysm sets in with yawning, stretching, and a collection of saliva in the mouth. Chill increases by external heat, [relieved by *Ign.] No thirst in the cold stage, but a great deal in the hot. * Nausea and vomiting predominate. The apyrexia is marked by more or less gastric disturbance.
Page 145 - Skin, Sleeplessness, and fever during Teething in Infants, with tossing and restlessness; also in Convulsions of Infants, with convulsive jerking of the limbs, constant movement of the head and redness of one cheek. Affections of the bronchial tubes, with dry cough and scanty expectoration, as in Cold on the Chest. Aching pains in the pit of the stomach, as from a stone, with great anguish and tossing, as in Spasms of the Stomach. CINA. Worm Seed. Duration of action from eight to fourteen days.
Page 84 - ... morning. RASH. Purple or scarlet rash is, in its general symptoms, similar to scarlet fever, except that the general bright efflorescence of the skin is accompanied with a fine rash, which imparts to the skin a sense of granular roughness when passing the hand over it. Scarlet fever invariably appears first on the face, next on the body, and lastly on the extremities; purple and scarlet rash, on the contrary, may appear irregularly or locally, or at once over the whole body. Rose...
Page 144 - General Symptoms. — Rheumatic, drawing tearing pains, with laming, numb feeling in the affected part, worse at night. Pains which appear intolerable, drive * NOTE. — Is particularly useful in diseases where there is too much excitement of the nervous system ; convulsions, especially of children ; diseases of infants ; bilious affections ; colics ; very painful rheumatic and neuralgic affections; troubles during dentition; uterine haemorrhages...
Page 152 - ... cough, with expectoration of tough, stringy mucus, which sticks to the throat, mouth and lips; voice rough and hoarse; difficult breathing: also, in large ulcer of the leg; hard base; dark centre ; overhang1ng edges.

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