Practical journalism, how to enter thereon and succeed

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London, 1885 - 124 pages

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Page 12 - PIG, BOOK OF THE. The Selection, Breeding, Feeding, and Management of the Pig; the Treatment of its Diseases; the Curing and Preserving of Hams, Bacon, and other Pork Foods ; and other information appertaining to Pork Farming.
Page 24 - I find your Hyperion Hair Restorer is a ,— first-class and really genuine article, and is well worth the money. After using it thrice, my hair began to turn the natural colour whereas before it was quite grey ; it also keeps the hair from falling off, and I shall always recommend it to every one I know. You are at liberty to publish this if you choose. Yours truly, (Mrs.) M. DAVIS. Thirsk, Yorks, January 26, 1876.
Page 20 - BOAT SAILING FOR AMATEURS. Containing Particulars of the most Suitable Sailing Boats and Yachts for Amateurs, and Instructions for their Proper Handling, &c. Illustrated with numerous Diagrams. By G. CHRISTOPHER DAVIES.
Page 123 - DOGS, BREAKING AND TRAINING : Being Concise Directions for the proper education of Dogs, both for the Field and for Companions. Second Edition. By "PATHFINDER.
Page 25 - Excelsior Lotion Celebrated among all classes of Society all over the World as the only Real Producer of WHISKERS AND MOUSTACHIOS, Remedy for Baldness, Weak and Falling Hair, Ac., and Curer of Scnrf or Dandriff.
Page 122 - Is an excellent corrective of the many insidious sources of decay which ruin nature's chief ornament. It stimulates, strengthens, and increases the growth of Hair ; softens and nourishes it when grown ; and arrests its decline. Besides this, it acts on those pigments the constant supply of which is essential to the Hair retaining its colour. The Hair of the Head and the Whiskers and Monstachios Are alike benefited.
Page 3 - Poultry for Prizes and Profit. Contains : Breeding Poultry for Prizes, Exhibition Poultry and Management of the Poultry Yard. Handsomely Illustrated. Second Edition.
Page 24 - My hair went white through trouble and sickness, but one bottle of your Hyperion Hair Restorer brought it back to a splendid brown, as nice as it was in my young days. I am now forty years old, and all my friends wonder to see me restored from white to brown.
Page 3 - FOREIGN CAGE BIRDS: Containing Full Directions for Successfully Breeding, Rearing, and Managing the various Beautiful Cage Birds imported into this country. Beautifully Illustrated. By CW GEDNEY. In cloth gilt, in two vols., price 8s. 6d.. by post, 9s.
Page 21 - MAC DONALD. Mary Marston. Guild Court. The Vicar's Daughter. Adela Cathcart. Stephen Archer and other Tales. Orts. Weighed and Wanting. By W. CLARK RUSSELL. A Sea Queen. Wreck of the

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