Practical Notes on the Treatment of Skin Diseases, Volume 1

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Press of Thomas & Evans, 1885 - Skin

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Page 18 - ... Glands. — The true sebaceous glands are found in all parts of the body that are provided with hair ; and as nearly every part of the general surface presents either the long, the short, or the downy hairs, these glands are very generally distributed. They exist, indeed, in greater or less numbers in all parts of the skin, except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet. In the labia minora in the female, and in portions of the prepuce and glans penis of the male, parts not provided...
Page 34 - This should be done every night. Immediately after, the face should be washed with warm water and soap, allowing the lather to remain on all night. The spiritus saponis kalinus may be used. In the morning the soap is washed off and the face is dusted with oxide of zinc, calamine, or simple chalk or starch powder. In simple cases, with a moderately thin epidermis, this is all that is necessary, and in three or four weeks the acne is cured. I have also had good results from the use of Eichhoff's resorcin...
Page 13 - In re d and yellow sweat Eberth and Babesiu have found bacteria. It is not improbable that colored sweat, unless feigned, is always due to the presence of minute organisms. It is known, for example, that the color of blue pus is produced by a bacterium. The treatment might be rationally germicidal. A lotion of mercuric bichloride, one grain to the ounce, or Labarraque•s solution (liq.
Page 17 - ... pounds of bran in a thin muslin bag and steeping it in the bath for fifteen to twenty minutes before using the bath. The bag should be occasionally kneaded and squeezed in order to diffuse the mucilaginous contents throughout the water.
Page 35 - ... of potassium and sulphate of zinc, (Formula 24). In cases where the epidermis is thick, — a so-called coarse skin, — the treatment should be a little more active. Here a mixture of sulphur and carbonate of potash (Formula 25) should be painted on with a camel's hair brush, after the expression of the sebum plugs, and allowed to remain on all night. It was first recommended by Zeissl, and is certainly a valuable combination. In the morning, after washing the face, one of the above mentioned...
Page 44 - It demands, however, more personal attention from the physician in its treatment than almost any other skin disease. A neglect of certain precautions — to be presently pointed out — on the part of either physician or patient, will result in almost certain failure to cure the disease, and consequent disappointment to the patient and discredit to the doctor. The important points to be insisted upon in the treatment of non-parasitic sycosis are four : Shaving of the affected part, puncturing all...
Page 24 - I have often obtained excellent results from the administration of lime-water and columbo (Formula 19). Many patients suffering with disorders of the sebaceous glands are subject to habitual constipation. In these cases the best drug I have used is cascara sagrada. I generally prescribe the cascara cordial prepared by Parke, Davis & Co.. and have always obtained excellent results from its use. Its agreeable taste renders it a very desirable medicine. It is not objected to by the most fastidious patients....
Page 33 - TV - \ grain is highly recommended by some authorities. I have never seen any good result follow its use. The same is true of ergot which at the present time enjoys considerable popularity as a remedy in acne. The fluid extract may be given in half-drachm doses twice or three times a day.

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