Registration of Deaths: Practical Methods to Secure Complete Returns : the Standard Certificate of Death, Suggestions as to Its Use and Treatment, Forms of Permanent Records, Information for Local Registrars

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1903 - Death - 29 pages
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Page 28 - A mixture of these diseases rarely occurs, the great majorltyof cases of so-called " typho-malarlal fever" being nothing more nor less than typhoid fever. Was this not typhoid fever? State location and cause. State cause of uremia. If due to an acute disease, the latter should be named as the cause of death. If in Bright's or other organic disease, state fully. Was It puerperal ? State form of violence and whether accidental, suicidal, or homicidal. Worthless. State disease causing death. See
Page 15 - EXTERNAL CAUSES. 155. Suicide by poison 156. Suicide by asphyxia 157. Suicide by hanging or strangulation 158. Suicide by drowning 159. Suicide by firearms 160.
Page 7 - In computing rates showing the influence of conjugal condition upon the mortality from certain causes, the distinctions indicated are equally important and should be carefully maintained.
Page 1 - ... statement of the cause of death, which is always furnished by the physician. But while this is the most important item, a complete return of any death requires the statement of other personal and statistical particulars concerning the death, and the blank certificate or return used for reporting deaths is simply a specification, in convenient form, of the legal requirements in the case, all of which are intended to be observed. The relation to and influence upon the mortality from different diseases,...
Page 7 - Occupation should be reported for all who pursue some gainful employment. Married women and children living at home and not engaged in some remunerative employment should be returned as having "none.
Page 17 - State cause of the anemia, if known. A death should not be reported thus when the cause of the anemia was pulmonary tuberculosis or other wasting disease. Name the anesthetic and state whether it was administered for a surgical operation, in which case give the disease or injury for which the operation was undertaken. Was it due to scarlet fever or diphtheria? This is a suspicious return and one to be carefully scrutinized by registrars. Name disease causing ascites. See "Dropsy.
Page 25 - What disease caused death of the newborn child? See "Infancy." What disease caused death? What caused the lack of vitality? Obstruction of what? Name organ affected. This Is not a satisfactory return. The influence of age is shown by the statement of age in years, months, and days. To this the statement of "old age" as a cause of death adds nothing of value.
Page 28 - Was death not due to diphtheria? This is a suspicious return. Was this acute or chronic poisoning due to some external agent? If so, state fully, giving name of poison, whether accidental, etc. Was it autointoxication, due to poisons generated In the body by disease? If so, state the name of the disease causing the condition which resulted In death. Avoid use of easily misunderstood terms of this character. State orsan affected.
Page 7 - Married women and children living at home and not engaged in some remunerative employment should be returned as having "none." The general principle is to bear in mind what labor the deceased performed, without regard to the place or the person for whom he worked. Particular care should be taken to express the occupation in such a way as to prevent it being confounded with other occupations. Distinguish between farm laborers, railroad laborers and other day laborers. Married women, female heads of...
Page 27 - Was this a disease of the spinal cord or of the spine, and, in either case, what was the disease? Was it Pott's disease of the spine? Never report a child as stillborn unless dead at birth. If the child survived any time whatever, the cause of death should be stated. Was it cancer, round uicer, or other definite disease of the stomach?

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