Practical Therapeutics: A Compendium of Selected Formulę and Practical Hints on Treatment. Systematically Arranged, Interleaved, and Copiously Indexed

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J. R. Bermingham, 1885 - Medicine - 420 pages

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Page 202 - I give an ounce every two, three, or four hours, according to the severity of the case — that will be from twelve to thirty-six grains of quinine in the twenty -four hours according to the case.
Page 332 - Et. sig. — From one to two teaspoonfuls in water, after each meal, and at bedtime. The avoidance of tobacco in all its forms, cleanliness of mind and body, laxatives when needed, and, in a word, attention to the rules of hygiene, are to be strictly enjoined.
Page 113 - Arsenious acid, 3 ij; Mucilage of gum acacia, . 3j. Mix into a paste too thick to run. This is to be spread over the entire surface of the cancer, provided this does not exceed one square inch in size ; a bit of dry lint is then placed over the sore in order to absorb any excess of paste. In the course of an hour the lint becomes dry and hard, and adheres firmly to the parts. In the course of twenty-four hours some inflammatory action is visible in the tissues immediately adjacent to the cancer....
Page 161 - M. ft. pil. no. xx. Sig. One pill three or four times a day. In...
Page 364 - This must be carefully made, the camphor being reduced to an impalpable powder and then thoroughly incorporated with the other ingredients. It may be either lightly dusted upon the parts, or it may be quite copiously rubbed into the meshes of linen lint and then applied. The proportions may be altered either by increase or diminution.
Page 83 - I give half-drop doses of the 3x tincture every two, three or four hours, according to the urgency of the symptoms...
Page 17 - For internal administration one drachm of this solution is put in one ounce of water, and of that a teaspoonful is given in a tablespoonful of sweetened water, as necessary. The solution should be kept in a dark place. As a local application, equal 'parts of the solution and glycerine can be employed, or in serious cases, the solution may be applied clear.
Page 344 - Liquor f erri sulphatis § ss. Aquae •§ j. M. Sig. — Saturate with this solution the finest cotton wool; dry and expose to moderate pressure. Wrap a sufficient quantity around a long small piece of whalebone and introducing it into the cavity of the uterus, withdraw the whalebone, leaving the cotton in situ. Strong thread may be attached to the cotton to withdraw it when necessary. From 12 to 24 hours is as long as it should remain. This hemostatic is that proposed and used by the distinguished...
Page 189 - M. One teaspoonful every twenty minutes to half an hour, or in cases not severe, every two hours. This should be continued regularly, night and day, until the cough becomes looser, or until it is evident, if the case be unfavorable, that it can be of no service.
Page 312 - This prescription will speedily relieve the irritability nf the bladder, especially if conjoined with such means as a cold shower bath daily, the avoidance of irritant food and late suppers, the patient lying on the side or belly, and taking care to drink nothing for the few hours preceding sleep, and to empty the bladder on going to bed.

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