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Use in Literature PreceedingIt was not long before they found the object of their search seated under a tree, about half a mile from the path she had lost on the preceeding day.ndash;Susanna Moodie in Roughing it in the Bush.Wilhelm had visited Paul on his estate during the preceeding summer, but since then had only seen him in Berlin.ndash;Max Nordau in The Malady of the Century. Nonfiction Usage Journalism UsageLaila Ali - News: May 23, 2007 - Headline: Olympic Speed Skater Apolo Anton Ohno Wins 'Dancing With The Stars' Competition. Author: Ray McDonald. Excerpt: Preceeding Ohno in hoisting the mirror-ball trophy were model-actress Kelly Monaco; former 98 Degrees member Drew Lachey; and former professional football star Emmitt Smith.Legal UsageGovernment of Argentina. Law 22477 of 7/30/81 adds a paragraph to article 80 and a new article, 80 bis, to Law 19101, on military personnel. The law establishes that the benefits of military retirement and of security preceeding from Law 20572, as well as those proceeding from similar provincial or municipal systems, are not cumulative. Published in Boletin Oficial de la Republica Argentina on July 30, 1981.Government of Uruguay. Law 17773 of 20 May 2004 supersedes article 113 of the Criminal Code concerning guarantee for persons under investigation to the secret of the preliminary criminal preceeding and procedural equality. Published in Diario Oficial de la Republica Oriental del Uruguay on May 20, 2004.Patent UsageDigital-to-analog converter with high linearity: Patented by Gunter Gleim on November 8, 1991. Abstract: A high linearity digital-to-analog converter (D/A) provides a linear output voltage using two D/A's. One D/A provides a number of coarse steps and another D/A increments the output voltage within the coarse steps using fine steps. Discontinuities in the output voltage caused by the changing from one coarse step to another are avoided by using reference voltages which ensure that the initial voltage available at the start of a coarse step is lower than the final voltage available at the end of the preceeding step.Grid ceiling: Patented by Jonathan P. Teli and John J. Heichberger on August 1, 1990. Abstract: A grid ceiling comprising the support grid 10, 12 having first openings 16 therein in at least some of which are mounted first grid elements 24 defining second openings 30 in which second grid elements 40 are mounted. In this way several grid elements of progressively smaller size can be mounted in openings in preceeding grid elements, e.g. to provide a pyramidal structure.Lossless intraframe encoding using Golomb-Rice: Patented by Kadayam Thyagarajan on July 2, 2001. Abstract: An apparatus and method of intraframe encoding of digital frequency-domain data. The data comprises a plurality of slices each having a plurality of blocks. Each block has a DC component and a plurality of AC components. A first DC component value of each slice is encoded. Each subsequent DC component value of each slice is represented as the difference between it and the DC component value preceeding it. For lossless encoding, the initial DC component value of each slice and the differences are encoding using Golomb-Rice.Polymer desiccant and system for dehumidified air conditioning: Patented by Milton Meckler on February 5, 1993. Abstract: A liquid polymer-salt solution as a desiccant in an air conditioning system comprised of a heat-pipe having its heat absorber section in an outside air inlet duct following water vapor adsorption into the desiccant by a contacter section of a dehumidifier, and the heat-pipe having its heat rejecter section in an exhaust air duct and preferably preceeding water vapor discharge from the desiccant by a regenerater section of the dehumidifier.Snares and Methods of Controlling Cytokinesis: Patented by Thomas Weimbs and Seng H. Low on February 10, 2003. Abstract: Two members of the SNARE membrane fusion machinery, syntaxin 2 and endobrevin/VAM

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