Predating: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Dec 19, 2008 - 68 pages
Familiar Quotations PredatingMan must get his thoughts, words and actions out of this vast moral jungle. We are not predators. We are, hopefully, more than instinctive killers and selfish brutes. Why take such a dim view of our potentialities and capabilities?ndash;H. Jay DinsahPredating ndash; AntedateModesty antedates clothes and will be resumed when clothes are no more.ndash;Mark TwainPredating ndash; CarnivoresThe family spirit has rendered man carnivorous.ndash;Francis PicabiaPredating ndash; MaraudersMost people hew the battlements of life from compromise, erecting their impregnable keeps from judicious submissions, fabricating their philosophical drawbacks from emotional retractions and scalding marauders in the boiling oil of sour grapes.ndash;Anonymous Use in Literature PredatingThe author is a scientist with an open mind on the relationships between predators and game animals. His thick, delightfully illustrated book is the best dragnet on American mammals extant.ndash;Guide to Life and Literature of the SouthwestMoonlight is its mortal enemy: conveniently for its predators, the squid casts a black and moving shadow.ndash;Sam Vaknin in The First Book of Factoids.Albanians reciprocate by portraying the Kosovars as cynical, inhuman, money making terminators, emotionless wealthy predators.ndash;Shmuel Vaknin in After the Rain.In the post nuclear landscape of this part of the world, a fantasy is shared by both predators and prey.ndash;Shmuel Vaknin in After the Rain.The conventions of the business world have grown up under the selective surveillance of this principle of predation or parasitism.ndash;Thorstein Veblen in Theory of the Leisure Class.The transition from peace to predation therefore depends on the growth of technical knowledge and the use of tools.ndash;Thorstein Veblen in Theory of the Leisure Class.Have you heard in America of Avebury? It may have predated this place, they think, by another thousand years.ndash;H.G. Wells in Secret Places of the Heart.

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