Predictons for 2015

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AuthorHouse, Jan 12, 2012 - Religion - 64 pages
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Predictions for 2015

Will on August 10, 2015, plus or minus three days, or July- August or August 28-29, September 7-8, 19, 26-27, October 15 of 2015-2018 and/or January of 2019 a very great earthquake and/or volcano eruption or a comet or asteroid impact happens off the West Coast of Africa and causes a 100 to 2,500-3000 feet high or more tidal waves to head right for Florida and completely or partially destroys Florida? Will the smoke and ash of the eruption or dust from the great comet-asteroid drift over the Atlantic Ocean to cover the sun, moon and stars day and night over a third of the southern U.S. or the whole U.S.? Does that cause the crops to fail, which will cause great famines? Are the three woes that Revelation 8:13 predicts three earthquakes, great tidal waves and/or volcano eruptions at this time or from 2013 to 2019? And are God's two great witnesses of Revelation chapter 11, who are Billy Graham and Pat Robertson, die by this time, or during this time? Will one woman or many women and men be save from a tidal wave due to this book? The ancient prophecies also predict troubles with Iran, Israel, Turkey, Italy, Iraq and the U.S. at these times. The "half an hour" of Revelation 8:1, the same chapter as the three woes, predicts a half of a seven year period to begin. Half of seven years is three and a half years or 1260 days, time, times, and a half and 42 months. Counting backwards from January 21, 2019 equals August 10, 2015, plus or minus three days. This book was written by November 11, 2011.

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About the author (2012)

Kurt Brian Bakley was born 8:11 p.m. Friday evening October 15, 1954 at Cooper Hospital in Camden, New Jersey across the river from Philadelphia during Hurricane Hazel. He grew up hating books, reading and writing because of his eye problems and learning disabilities and dropped out of high school. Then one Saturday night when he was 21 years old, after partying that night, he woke up early Sunday morning with massive amount of knowledge and yearning to read, write and research all kinds of knowledge. He went out first thing that Sunday morning to the mall and waited till noon for the bookstore to open. He immediately went in and bought several books and began his reading, writing and researching to this day. That was on August 29 of 1976 and today (2012) he is still reading, writing and researching information on prophecy and Christianity. He has over 50,000 hours of research and writing from then to now (2012), his 36th year of doing so. His fourteen books from 2001 that he's written are: The Nativity; The Antichrist; The Experiment in Philadelphia: Did Einstein discover God?; The boy who could predict earthquakes; 2012: The two earthquakes and God's two witnesses; Prophecies that have, will, or didn't happen; The balanced life; The Life of Kurt B. Bakley; The Divine Code 2; The Divine Code; Predictions for 2013-2014; Predictions for 2015; Predictions for 2016-2018 and finally The Divine Code 3. All are available now (September 2012). All 14 books are available at this web site: WWW.authorhouse.Com. now (September of 2012). Read them in this order, first, The Nativity, then The Antichrist, then the next, The Experiment at Philadelphia, then The boy who could predict earthquakes, then 2012: The two earthquakes and God's two witnesses, then the Prophecies that have, will, or didn't happen, then The balanced life and then The Life of Kurt B. Bakley and then The Divine Code 2 and The Divine Code and then Predictions for 2013-2014 and then Predictions for 2015 and then Predictions for 2016- 2018 and then The Divine Code 3. After you read them once read them through the second time slowly. When you read them in that order read them from cover to cover, start with the rear cover then the introduction and all the way through. Do not skip round or you will get confused. Don't stop because you have a question or don't understand or want to look up documentation. They are all a hard read but bare with them. You can look up documentation on the second round through when you read them for the second time. In Revelation chapter 5 it predicts these books as the seven eyes and seven horns that go around the world on the World Wide Web (WWW). The seven horns and seven eyes are seven plus seven, which equal 14, which are the fourteen books I written minus the four that were canceled. Is the satellite that powers the world wide web 10 by 20 cubits as Zechariah 5:1-2 predicted for a great flying (satellite) roll (a round satellite-ancient book) that size? On the web site: WWW. just type in my name Kurt B. Bakley in the search box and then click the go or search and all or most of my books will come up. Type Kurt Bakley for my other books. The Divine Code published on January 26, 2001 predicts planes flying into buildings in New York City on September 15- 17, 2001. Five or six days off but still an amazing prophecy. That same book predicted the new millenium to start June 21, 2001. Nothing happened then, but the Bible's ancient prophecies documented in that book is that date. My book Prophecies that have, will, and didn't happen show that certain ancient Bible prophecies are detailed and correct, but fail to happen. This book The Divine Code has been revised, but still has all the original writings from January 26, 2001 when it was first published nine months before September 11, 2001. There are updates in the introduction and at the end of the book in chapters marked Updates. My book The Divine Code 2 documented how the Bible predicted a vile person to come to power in Russia born in the Taurus sign and start a war and invade the Middle East, Israel and Florida. Such a person ran for President of Russia in 1996 born in the Taurus sign and promised to invade the Middle East, but he failed to be elected. The book The Divine Code 2 shows prophecies of TWA flight 800 explosion and crash off of Long Island near a place called Babylon. It tells of ancient prophecies that gives the place and attitude and what caused it to explode. Look at the copyright page of each of my books to see when they were published so you can't say they were written after the fact. Do what ever the angel tells you. If the Authorhouse web site changes call 1-888-519-5121 and ask them for the new web site or order all these books above by phone at that number and extension 5022 or the extension the operator tells you for ordering books. If you can't find them type in the title of the book. Keep trying till you get through by either internet or by phone. The web site and phone lines may be jam for all the orders and it may take several hours or days or weeks or months to get through. Remember what the angel tells you the one time it appears or the two times it appears to you.

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