Preliminary Inventory, Edições 79-90

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Página 17 - Records, 1917-1921 (1943); and those of World War II in the two-volume guide Federal Records of World War II (1950-51). Genealogical records are described in Guide to Genealogical Records in the National Archives ( 1 964).
Página 45 - America (1968), and Civil War Maps in the National Archives (1964); those of World War I in Handbook of Federal World War Agencies and Their Records. 1917-1921 (1943); and those of World War II in the two-volume guide Federal Records of World War II (1950-51).
Página 5 - That the secretary of agriculture is hereby authorized and directed, in cooperation with appropriate officials of the various states or, in his discretion, with other suitable agencies, to assist the owners of farms in establishing, improving, and renewing woodlots, shelter belts, windbreaks, and other valuable forest growth, and in growing and renewing useful timber crops...
Página 17 - Several finding aids that give an overall picture of materials in the National Archives have been published. A comprehensive Guide to the Records in the National Archives (19U8) and a brief guide, Your Government's Records in the National Archives (revised 1950), have been issued.
Página 17 - ... administrative control over the records. Each preliminary inventory contains an introduction that briefly states the history and functions of the agency that accumulated the records. The records themselves are described series by series, that is, by units of records of the same form or that deal with the same subject or activity or that are arranged serially.
Página 5 - That in order to aid agriculture, increase farm-forest income, conserve water resources, increase employment, and in other ways advance the general welfare and improve living conditions on farms through reforestation and afforestation in the various States and Territories, the Secretary of Agriculture is authorized in cooperation with the land-grant colleges and universities and State forestry agencies, each within its respective field of activities, according to the statutes, if any, of the respective...
Página 114 - ... either partial or complete, should be published without the authority and under the supervision of the government of the United States, at whose expense this expedition is undertaken, you will, before you reach the waters of the United States, require from every person under your command the surrender of all journals, memorandums, remarks, writings, drawings, sketches, and paintings, as well as all specimens of every kind, collected or prepared during your absence from the United States.

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