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Page 11 - In case of an equality of votes, the Chairman shall have a casting vote.
Page 10 - By which life or limb or health is wrongfully endangered or sacrificed or (c) By which morals are imperilled or depraved ; (d) All neglect to provide such reasonable food clothing shelter protection and care as the life and wellbeing of a child require ; (e) The exposure of children during unreasonable hours or inclement weather as pedlars or hawkers or otherwise ; (/) Their employment in unwholesome degrading unlawful or immoral callings...
Page 11 - These by-laws and regulations may be amended at the suggestion of the executive committee, sanctioned by a vote of a majority of the members present at any meeting of the association.
Page 10 - All neglect to provide such reasonable food, clothing, shelter, protection, and care, as the life and well-being of a child require...
Page 10 - ... or any employment by which the powers of children are overtaxed, or their hours of...
Page 9 - The utmost publicity as regards the results of such inquiry, and of all action which it may be necessary to take. (c) The clear ascertainment of existing laws relating to the welfare, protection, or condition of children.
Page 3 - Rules to use shelters for the "temporary reception and disposal of children," the society was "not formed with a view to permanently housing, clothing, feeding, or otherwise providing for children, but rather for the purpose of increasing, and, if need be, enforcing such duties upon parents, guardians, or others entrusted with the care of...
Page 6 - Children, and shall be deemed to be in connection with and shall be worked as a branch of the Manchester and Salford Boys' and Girls
Page 3 - ... it is only by the united and persistent efforts of all that cruelty to children can be...

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