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Nonfiction Usage Patent UsageA Method and System for Distributing Digital Content with Embedded Message: Patented by Lidror Troyansky, Oren Tirosh, Ariel Peled and Ofir Carny on October 3, 2001. Abstract: A system and a method for providing uniquely marked copies of data content. The method contain two basic phases: a preprocessing phase (15), which produces a library marked segments (16), and a mes sage embedding phase (14), which utilizes the stored marked segments in order to efficiently produce a personalized version of the content, by selecting various marked segments (18) and inserting the selected marked segments (20) into the data content.A System for Preprocessing Content for Streaming Server: Patented by Yong H. Son and Christopher W. Goode B on January 29, 2001. Abstract: A method and apparatus for preprocessing and postprocessing content in an interactive information distribution system. Content is retrieved from a storage medium (152) and encapsulated in accordance to an Internet Protocol (IP) format. The encapsulated content is then uploaded for storage (146) in a stream caching server (102) and for future streaming of content to different types of access networks.Apparatus and method for minimizing transient filter effects on speed signal data: Patented by Chuan He on November 4, 1997. Abstract: A vehicle/engine speed data collection and preprocessing method and apparatus comprises obtaining speed signal data, typically from a speed sensor; computing a linear equation of the speed signal data; adding artificial data to the speed signal data in accordance with the linear equation; filtering the speed signal data having the artificial data added thereto; and removing the filtered artificial data from the filtered data. The technique minimizes the transient effects of filtering, particularly at the data boundaries.Apparatus and methods for smoothing images: Patented by Rami Guissin on September 6, 1995. Abstract: Improved spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal noise reduction apparatus (10) and also apparatus for noise reduction in conjunction with one or several of the following functions: edge enhancement, spatial interpolation, magnification adjustment by spatial interpolation, and dynamic range compression (DRC). An embodiment of apparatus (10) comprises an image preprocessing unit (12), an estimation gain parameter computation unit (14) and a two-directional processor (16).Architecture for Processing Fingerprint Images: Patented by Tinku Acharya, Bhargab Bhattacharya, Partha Bhowmick, Arijit Bishnu, Jayanta Dey, Malay Kundu and C. Murthy on August 29, 2002. Abstract: An architecture for processing grey level images, comprising comparators for detecting gradients between pairs of pixels surrounding a selected pixel and subsequent combinatorial circuits for classifying the selected pixel into one of a number of categories (crest, valley, plateau, undecided). Suitable for the preprocessing of fingerprint images.Artificial Neural Systems with Dynamic Synapses: Patented by Jim-Shih Liaw on May 5, 2003. Abstract: Artificial neural network systems where each signal processing junction connected between signal processing elements is operable to, in response to a received impulse action potential, operate in at least one of three permitted manners: (1) producing one single corresponding impulse, (2) producing no corresponding impulse, and (3) producing two or more corresponding impulse. A preprocessing module may be used to filter the input signal to such networks. Various control mechanism may be implemented.Automated Fingerprint Identification System: Patented by Tao Xia, Bao Liu, Jo Y. Tham, Lixin Shen and Seng L. Lee on December 22, 2000. Abstract: A method and system for performing automated biological identification. The system including a preprocessing module with a histogram transform for locally and globally enhancing biological data such as fingerprints. An enhancement module with a fast smoothing and enh

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