Presidents and the American Presidency

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Oxford University Press, 2013 - Political Science - 540 pages
There is perhaps no political position as unique as the American presidency. This book considers both the strengths and weaknesses of the presidency as a political institution as well as the those of recent presidents and their leadership skills to examine the "real" presidency; that is, notjust the theoretical analysis of the institution or assessments of the men who have served as president, but the actual day-to-day responsibilities and challenges that go with the job. To showcase the "real" aspects of the presidency, as well as the differences between individual and institutionalperspectives on decision making, the authors incorporate archival documents from multiple administrations to reveal the inner workings of the White House.The documents and oral histories at presidential libraries and other archives represent a virtual treasure trove of detailed analysis and stories of what actually happened, not only publicly but behind the scenes, in each presidential administration. These documents allow a president and/or membersof his administration, through their own words, to animate the discussions in each chapter from the perspective of political actors who were actually present to understand and appreciate the depth and breadth of presidential power and leadership in the 21st century.

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About the author (2013)

Lori Cox Han is Professor of Political Science at Chapman University in Orange, CA. She received her PhD in Political Science from the University of Southern California. Dr. Han's area of expertise is American government, with research and teaching interests in the presidency, women andpolitics, media and politics, and political leadership. She is the author of A Presidency Upstaged: The Public Leadership of George H.W. Bush (Texas AandM University Press, 2011); Women and U.S. Politics: The Spectrum of Leadership, 2nd ed. (Lynne Rienner, 2010); and Governing From Center Stage:White House Communication Strategies During the Television Age of Politics (Hampton Press, 2001). She is also co-author of Handbook to American Democracy, (4-vol., Facts on File, 2012); editor of New Directions in the American Presidency (Routledge, 2011); and co-editor of Rethinking MadamPresident: Are We Ready for a Woman in the White House? (Lynne Rienner, 2007), The Presidency and the Challenge of Democracy (Palgrave Macmillan, 2006), In the Public Domain: Presidents and the Challenge of Public Leadership (SUNY Press, 2005), Encyclopedia of American Government and Civics (Factson File, 2008), and Leadership and Politics, Vol. 2 of Leadership at the Crossroads (Praeger, 2008). Her research has also appeared in Presidential Studies Quarterly, Congress and the Presidency, and White House Studies. In addition, Dr. Han is past president of the Presidency Research Group, anorganized section of the American Political Science Association devoted to the study of the presidency. Diane J. Heith is associate professor and chair of Government and Politics at St. John's University She is the author of several works on the presidency, public opinion and the media including,Polling to Govern: Public Opinion and Presidential Leadership (2004) and In the Public Domain: Presidents and the Challenges of Public Leadership (edited with Lori Cox Han, 2005). Her work has appeared in Public Opinion Quarterly, Presidential Studies Quarterly, Political Science Quarterly, TheJournal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, The Journal of Women, Politics and Policy, White House Studies and Congress and the Presidency. She is currently completing The Presidential Road Show: Public Leadership in a Partisan Era (forthcoming, Paradigm, 2012).

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