Presuming: Webster's Quotations, Facts and Phrases

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Icon Group International, Incorporated, Dec 19, 2008 - 159 pages
Familiar Quotations PresumingLet none presume to tell me that the pen is preferable to the sword.ndash;Miguel de CervantesTo offer a man unsolicited advice is to presume that he doesn't know what to do or that he can't do it on his own.ndash;John GrayA society that presumes a norm of violence and celebrates aggression, whether in the subway, on the football field, or in the conduct of its business, cannot help making celebrities of the people who would destroy it.ndash;Lewis H. LaphamThose who are once found to be bad are presumed so forever.ndash;ProverbLet no man presume to give advice to others who has not first given good counsel to himself.ndash;Lucius Annaeus SenecaLadies and gentlemen, let me tell you again what you are to presume. I am the judge. I am telling you that. Presume he is innocent. When you sit there, I want you to look and say to yourself, There sits an innocent man.ndash;Scott L. TurowPresuming ndash; AssumingWe simply assume that the way we see things is the way they really are or the way they should be. And our attitudes and behaviors grow out of these assumptions.ndash;Stephen CoveyLady Hodmarsh and the duchess immediately assumed the clinging affability that persons of rank assume with their inferiors in order to show them that they are not in the least conscious of any difference in station between them.ndash;Somerset MaughamPresuming ndash; ConcludeWe must conclude that it is not only a particular political ideology that has failed, but the idea that men and women could ever define themselves in terms that exclude their spiritual needs.ndash;Salman RushdiePresuming ndash; DaringLet us dare to read, think, speak and write.ndash;John Adams

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