Pretty Kitty Herrick the Horsebreaker: A Romance of Love and Sport

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J.A. Taylor and Company, 1891 - 407 pages

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Page 96 - Now what I want you to do is this : I want you to decide this case fairly and impartially to both sides.
Page 239 - I wonder," said he, after half-an-hour's reading over the fire, " I wonder what Marjory will say to my going away. I shall miss her very much; she has been such a pleasant friend," He mused for another five minutes. " But then she will write. I wonder how she does write, by-the-bye. If there is one thing I like more than another, it is a real, natural woman's letter. It is almost better than conversation. Do you think she will write to me, Charlotte ?
Page 150 - I beg your pardon, Miss Adair." And then he turned short round, and traversed the room back to the garden, putting on his hat again. It seemed to her as though she had received her death-blow. There could no longer be any doubt or misapprehension after this, as to what the future was to be. Every drop of blood in her body seemed to rush to her heart and set it beating : the feeling was one akin to terror. Ellen Adair crept into the drawing-room, empty then, and leaned her aching brow against the...
Page 322 - ... place where his supper ought to have been and clearly was not — under which presentment the two figures passed on towards London, the king beckoning the churchman. So far so good. But what occurred when the apparitions in a marvellously short space of time were seen returning Reading-wards ? Why, a change had come over the spirit of the dream and the order of the procession. The churchman rode first, and his complexion, so far as a ghost's can, had recovered all its roses — his face moreover...
Page 108 - The reflection presented by the mirror was evidently pleasing, for he smiled placidly and contentedly, turning his head first to one side, then to the other, as much as to say, "I'ma very good-looking boy indeed.
Page 346 - Hope once more smiled upon him, and he felt himself a new man. He walked to the window and looked out at the green park and the vista of undulating fields beyond. The world was not such a bad place to live in after all.
Page 151 - Tell me.' ' He says that if you throw a sponge filled with several different colours against a wall, you will find that the stain it makes will be a very fair landscape.' ' That sounds absurd, of course, to you, but I dare say there is a great deal of truth in it. However, I am going to set to work in the regular, lawful, and approved way, and we shall see how I succeed.

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