Prince Bismarck: An Historical Biography, Volume 1

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Page 421 - Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, His Majesty the Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary and Bohemia, His Majesty the King of the French...
Page 512 - After the news of the renunciation of the hereditary Prince of Hohenzollern had been officially communicated to the imperial government of France by the royal government of Spain, the French ambassador at Ems further demanded of His Majesty the King that he would...
Page 129 - He is probably the last of those state physicians who, looking only to the symptoms of a nation, content themselves with superficial remedies from day to day, and never attempt to probe beneath the surface, to discover the source of the evils which afflict the social system. This order of statesmen will pass away with him, because too much light has been shed upon the laboratory of governments, to allow them to impose upon mankind with the old formulas.
Page 556 - It was the best in the house, but had only one deal table and two rush-bottomed chairs.'' In that lowly abode they talked together of many things for threequarters of an hour, among others about the origin of the war which, it seems, neither desired, the Emperor asserting, Bismarck reports that "he had been driven into it by the pressure of public opinion," a very inadequate representation of the curious incidents which preceded the fatal decision.
Page 420 - Luxemburg ; and for this purpose His Majesty will enter into negotiations with His Majesty the King of the Netherlands with the view of inducing him to cede his sovereign rights over the Duchy to the Emperor of the French, on the terms of such compensation as shall be judged adequate or otherwise. The Emperor of the French, on his side, engages to assume whatever pecuniary charges this arrangement may involve.
Page 420 - Europe, who, furnished with full powers which have been found in good and due form, have successively...
Page 420 - ... and His Majesty the Emperor of the French, judging it useful to bind closer the ties of friendship which unite them, and SO confirm the relations of good neighbourhood which happily exist between the two countries, and being besides convinced that to attain this result, which is, moreover, of a kind to insure the maintenance of the general peace, it is for their interest to come to an understanding on the questions concerning their future relations, have resolved to conclude a Treaty to the following...
Page 282 - M. de Bismarck's whole soul glowed with the passionate resolve to expel Austria from Germany. It was not in his nature to hesitate as to means ; and neither moral nor material obstacles diverted him from his object. In fact, he entered on the contest unencumbered by scruples of any kind. To raise Prussia to the political status which he thought his country ought to hold was his religion.
Page 596 - The Black Sea is neutralized ; its Waters and its Ports, thrown open to the Mercantile Marine of every Nation, are formally and in perpetuity interdicted to the Flag of War, either of the Powers possessing its Coasts, or of any other Power, with the exceptions mentioned in Articles XIV and XIX of the present Treaty.

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