Prince of Dreams

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Noble Romance Publishing LL, Nov 1, 2009
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In the erotic time travel story "Prince of Dreams," an everyday modern woman finds passion and romance in the arms of a Renaissance prince.
Feeling far removed from her usual role as a quiet, respectable educator, Juditha giggled like a schoolgirl as Valentin swept her up in his muscled arms and carried her toward her bedroom.
Briefly she wondered at the moral impropriety of sex with a stranger, especially one, oh, say, thousands of years her senior. Yet one look into Valentin's flawless face told her he had aged beautifully; and one warm, sweet kiss wiped away her tensions and set her mind at ease. Besides, this was a dream . . . wasn't it? Once again his mouth coaxed and teased her, his tongue flowing back and forth between her parted lips.
Her pussy gushed with sweet juices as his kisses deepened. Valentin seemed intent to lull her into a state of total relaxation. To this end, he gently laid her atop the soft azure comforter that decorated her bed.
Using slow, purposeful motions, he held her gaze as he unbuttoned her crisp white shirt and slid it from her shoulders.
His brow furrowed as her arms crossed to cover her nakedness.
"Have I offended ye, love?" he asked, his voice tinged with concern.
"No, not at all." Shaking her head, Juditha patted his arm in a show of reassurance. "It's just that, in the past, my lovers have made a great sport of criticizing my body. I was never slender or pretty enough for their liking." She rolled her eyes. "Not that you'd see any of them in the pages of 'Playgirl, ' mind you. I venture to say they wouldn't even make it into 'The Wonders of Wildlife, ' on an off-month."
"They also never would make it through the doors of a palace or royal hall." Valentin raised a finger for emphasis. "Men of your time have no grasp on the concepts of chivalry or courtly manners." His tone softened as he knelt beside her and stared down at her with deep emotion evident on his handsome face. "And they know not a prize when they see one."
He dipped his head and kissed her, gently pulled her arms away so he could feast on her breasts. Her nipples hardened as he laved them with his tongue. Juditha rolled her hips in silent invitation, needing more.
Finally, his hands drifted lower, his fingertips tickling the sensitive flesh at the waistband of her white cotton panties before slipping inside. "May I, milady?" His other hand fixed itself around her waist. "May I have the honor of bringing you pleasure?"

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