Principles and Practice of Pediatric Neurosurgery

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This book presents the latest management techniques for pediatric neurosurgical disorders frequently encountered in clinical practice. In this edition, chapters are organized into separate sections including cerebral disorders, spinal disorders, neoplasms, trauma, cerebrovascular disease, functional disorders, and infectious disorders. Each chapter describes the diagnostic studies, pathology and pathobiology, indications for surgery, treatment alternatives, prognostic factors and outcomes.Features of the second edition:
  • Commentaries at the end of each chapter provide insights from the senior editors
  • Pearls identify critical steps in management
  • More than 850 high-quality images demonstrate disease pathology and surgical approaches and techniques
  • Easy-to-read tables synthesize key clinical concepts
  • New chapters cover ethical issues in pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric neurosurgery in developing countries, and in utero neurosurgery
  • This comprehensive book is a must-have reference for all neurosurgeons, and specialists and residents in pediatric neurosurgery and pediatric neurology.

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    Great book..... nice illustrations and explanations


    40 Spinal Extradural Neoplasms and Intradural Extramedullary NeoplasmsNicholas M Wetjen and Corey Raffel
    41 Intramedullary Spinal Cord TumorsKarl F Kothbauer and Rick Abbott
    42 Spine TumorsEmily B Ridgway and Howard L Weiner
    43 Neurofibromatosis 1 and 2Ian F Pollack
    44 The PhakomatosesNestor Tomycz Michael W Weaver and Liliana Goumnerova
    45 Chemotherapy for Brain TumorsRoger J Packer and Tobey J MacDonald
    V Trauma
    46 Nonaccidental Head InjuriesAnnChristine Duhaime

    II Congenital and Developmental Cerebral Disorders
    6 Neurogenetic Basis of Pediatric Neurosurgical ConditionsMichael D Taylor Todd G Mainprize and James T Rutka
    7 Treatment of HydrocephalusHarold L Rekate
    8 Treatment of Hydrocephalus with ShuntsRichard C E Anderson Hugh J L Garton and John R W Kestle
    9 NeuroendoscopyRichard C E Anderson and Marion L Walker
    10 Intraventricular Hemorrhage andPosthemorrhagic HydrocephalusCharles C Duncan and Veronica L Chiang
    11 Congenital Arachnoid Cysts and theDandyWalker ComplexC Corbett Wilkinson and Ken R Winston
    12 Extracerebral Fluid Collectionsin InfantsDavid M Frim and Daniel J Curry
    13 Congenital Intracranial MalformationsEric Stiner Christe BruderlinNelson and Tien T Nguyen
    14 Chiari MalformationsScott Soleau R Shane Tubbs and W Jerry Oakes
    15 Encephaloceles Meningoceles and Dermal SinusesDavid F Jimenez and Constance M Barone
    16 Congenital Defects of the Scalp and SkullJoseph H Piatt Jr
    17 CraniosynostosisEylem Ícal Peter P Sun and John A Persing
    18 Craniofacial SyndromesJames Tait Goodrich
    III Congenital and DevelopmentalSpinal Disorders
    19 In Utero Surgery for Myelomeningoceleand HydrocephalusLeslie N Sutton
    20 Spinal MeningocelesJ Gordon McComb
    21 MyelomeningoceleMark S Dias and David G McLone
    22 Occult Spinal DysraphismDavid D Cochrane
    23 Craniovertebral Junction AbnormalitiesArnold H Menezes
    Neurenteric Arachnoid Dermoid and EpidermoidS Terence Myles and Mark G Hamilton
    25 Congenital Vertebral AnomaliesRichard C E Anderson and Douglas L Brockmeyer
    26 Syringomyelia and HydromyeliaJoshua Medow Jason Sansone and Bermans J Iskandar
    IV Neoplasms
    27 Scalp and Skull NeoplasmsDale M Swift and David J Sacco
    28 Brain Tumors in the First Two Years of LifeMark M Souweidane
    29 Supratentorial Hemispheric GliomasIan F Pollack
    30 Supratentorial Hemispheric Nonglial NeoplasmsTimothy B Mapstone
    31 Optic Pathway GliomasCian James OKelly and James T Rutka
    32 CraniopharyngiomasJeffrey H Wisoff and Bernadine R Donahue
    33 Pediatric Pituitary AdenomasAndrew D Parent and Edward R Flotte
    34 Pineal Region TumorsTadanori Tomita
    35 MedulloblastomasKarin M Muraszko Barunashish Brahma and Daniel Orringer
    36 EpendymomasRobert Alex Sanford and Thomas Merchant
    37 Brainstem GliomasJeanPierre Farmer P Daniel McNeely and Carolyn R Freeman
    38 Cerebellar Pilocytic AstrocytomasMichael D Taylor Robert Alex Sanford and Frederick A Boop
    39 Skull Base TumorsJames K Liu and Douglas L Brockmeyer
    47 Accidental Head InjuriesJohn Ragheb
    48 Penetrating Craniocerebral InjuriesMark D Krieger Ira E Bowen and J Gordon McComb
    49 HematomasEgon M R Doppenberg and John D Ward
    50 Traumatic Vascular InjuriesMichael D Partington
    51 Critical Care Management ofTraumatic Brain InjuryMichael L Forbes P David Adelson and Patrick M Kochanek
    52 Rehabilitation and Outcome of Head InjuriesSue R Beers and Harvey S Levin
    53 CranioplastyJames Tait Goodrich
    54 Brachial Plexus Injuries and Other Peripheral Nerve InjuriesJohn P Laurent with updates by P David Adelson
    55 Spinal Column TraumaPaul A Grabb
    56 Spinal Cord InjuriesTord D Alden and Richard G Ellenbogen
    57 Intervertebral Disk DiseaseThad Jackson and Thomas Pittman
    VI Cerebrovascular Disease
    58 Cavernous and Venous MalformationsR Michael Scott and Ian D KamalyAsl
    59 Intracerebral AneurysmsBurak M Ozgur Larry T Khoo and Michael L Levy
    60 Arteriovenous MalformationsRobin P Humphreys
    Arteriovenous Malformations Cavernous Malformations and Venous MalformationsDouglas Kondziolka and L Dade Lunsford
    62 Ischemic Stroke in the Pediatric PopulationEdward R Smith
    63 Vein of Galen Aneurysmal MalformationAlejandro Berenstein Yasunari Niimi Joon K Song and Pierre Lasjaunias
    64 Spinal Vascular MalformationsYasunari Niimi Alejandro Berenstein Joon K Song
    VII Functional Disorders
    65 Evaluation of Intractable EpilepsyLinda Laux and Douglas R Nordli Jr
    66 Temporal Lobe EpilepsyP David Adelson
    67 Extratemporal EpilepsyGlenn Morrison and Sanjiv Bhatia
    Callosotomy and Vagal StimulationJoseph R Madsen and Kenway Louie
    69 HemispherectomyBenjamin Solomon Carson Sr
    70 Spasticity and Movement DisordersA Leland Albright
    VIII Infectious Disorders
    71 Shunt InfectionsJeffrey W Campbell
    72 Intracranial Epidural and Subdural InfectionsDavid D Cochrane Angela Price and Simon Dobson
    73 Brain Abscesses and EncephalitisSarah J Gaskill and Arthur E Marlin
    74 Tuberculosis and Fungal and Parasitic Infections of the Central Nervous SystemSarah J Gaskill and Arthur E Marlin
    75 Infections of the Spinal AxisAmol Ghia and Mark R Proctor
    IX Neuroanesthesia
    76 NeuroanesthesiaSulpicio G Soriano and Mark A Rockoff

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    Professor of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, Department of Neurosurgery, Madison, WI, USA

    Professor, Neurological SurgeryVice Chairman, Academic AffairsChief, Pediatric NeurosurgeryCo-directo, Neurosurgical Oncology and Brain Tumor ProgramUniversity of Pittsburgh Cancer InstituteChildrens Hospital of PittsburghUniversity of Pittsburgh School of Medicine.

    Medical Staff Section Chief, Department of Neurosurgery, Phoenix Childrens Hospital, Phoenix, AZ 85016-7710Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery, University of Pittsburgh; Childrens Hospital of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

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