Principles of Reinforced Concrete Construction

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Page 138 - it would appear that within the limit of elasticity the hooped reinforcement is much less effective than longitudinal reinforcement; in fact it would seem that very little stress can be developed in the steel under elastic conditions as here assumed. Such reinforcement may, however, be quite effective in increasing the ultimate strength of a column.
Page 261 - the full force of the fire it appears to have stood well, distinctly better than the terra-cotta." The reason for this he considers to be the fact that terra-cotta expands about twice as much as steel,
Page 25 - elastic limit. There appears to be, however, a limit to the stress which can be repeated indefinitely without continuing to add to the deformation, and this limit may be taken as the elastic limit for practical purposes. From experiments by Bach and others, this limit
Page 124 - the representative or mean section has a depth equal to the distance from the top of the beam to the centre of the steel;
Page 11 - series of tests is that made at the Watertown Arsenal for Mr. George A. Kimball, Chief Engineer of the Boston Elevated Railway Company.*
Page 17 - the strength of the material against a sliding failure when tested as a rivet or bolt would be tested for shear; that is, when the maximum shearing
Page 261 - Exposed corners of columns and girders were cracked and spalled, showing a tendency to round off to a curve of about 3 in. radius.
Page 92 - that the arm of the resisting couple is never as small as d — J<, and that the average unit compressive stress is never as small as
Page 48 - Since the modulus of elasticity of a material is the ratio of stress to deformation, it follows that for equal deformations the stresses in
Page 42 - the plain concrete at rupture it will be seen that the initial cracking in the former occurs at an elongation practically the same as

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