Prisoners of Poverty Abroad

Front Cover
Roberts brothers, 1889 - Women - 248 pages

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Page 12 - The Holy Supper is kept, indeed, In whatso we share with another's need; Not what we give, but what we share, ! For the gift without the giver is bare; Who gives himself with his alms feeds three, Himself, his hungering neighbor, and me.
Page 135 - The convent becomes a playhouse ; monks and nuns turn actors and actresses. The garden, formal and quiet, where a salad was cut for a lady abbess, and flowers were gathered to adorn images, becomes a market, noisy and full of life, distributing thousands of fruits and flowers to a vicious metropolis.
Page 19 - This unhappy structure may be said to have everything it ought not to have, and nothing which it ought to have. It possesses windows without glass, a cupola without size, a portico without height, pepperboxes without pepper, and the finest site in Euiope without anything to show upon it.
Page 97 - Ladies deliberately shut their eyes; they won't take trouble; they won't think; they like things about them to look smooth and comfortable; they will get things cheap if they can. What do they care if the cheapness is got by starving women ? What is killing this girl here ? Bad food and hard work. Cheapness! What do the ladies care how many working girls are killed ? Confess now.
Page 140 - Courtly ideas of Covent Garden, as a place with famous coffee-houses, where gentlemen wearing gold-laced coats and swords had quarrelled and fought duels ; costly ideas of Covent Garden, as a place where there were flowers in winter at guineas a-piece, pineapples at guineas a pound, and peas at guineas a pint...

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