Private Lives of Kaiser William II, and His Consort: Secret History of the Court of Berlin, from the Papers and Diaries of Ursula, Countess Von Eppinghoven, Dame Du Palais to Her Majesty the Empress-queen, Volume 1

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Fred De Fau Company, 1909 - Germany

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Page 4 - Thus we belong to each other, — I and the army, — thus we were born for each other, and thus we will stick to each other forever, be there peace or storm, as God wills it.
Page 140 - s in doubt, by laws or might. Oh, innocence! take heed of it, How thou too near to guilt doth sit. (Meantime, France a wonder saw— A woman rule, 'gainst...
Page 140 - Here lies Joan of Arc ; the which Some count saint, and some count witch; Some count man, and something more; Some count maid, and some a whore. Her lift's in question, wrong or right; Her death 's in doubt, by laws or might.
Page 45 - Caligula wished that the Roman people had but one neck that he might cut it off, and as I read this letter I am afraid that for a moment I was capable of wishing the same thing concerning the laboring classes of America.
Page 12 - of the then champion of the world, John L. Sullivan, whereupon his sister of Meiningen, who adores strong men, remarked : " I hope Sullivan has not the bad taste to wear as many rings as my big brother." This weakness is, however, to some extent excusable, as it is thus the Kaiser tries to hide a number of nasty moles which disfigure his hand. In this he partly succeeds, while in spots the glittering diamonds and rubies only tend to emphasize the blemishes. I dare say very few people...
Page 53 - ... Remember that the German army must be as ready to fight enemies that arise in our midst, as foreign foes. To-day, disbelief and malcontentedness are rampant in the Fatherland to a heretofore unheard of degree; consequently, I may call upon you at any time to shoot down and strike to the ground your father and mother, sisters and brothers. My orders in that respect must be executed cheerfully and without grumbling like any other command I may issue. You must do your duty, no matter what your hearts
Page 83 - Prince Adalbert becomes one of you, is of the most eminent importance to the entire history of the Fatherland." Who would blame a boy, after that, for overbearing conduct and disinclination for study? If, at the age of ten, he be a historic personage, to whom old and tried men must look up as to an idol, a molder of the nation's destinies, what is the use of further effort? Elagabalus became Roman Emperor at the age of fourteen yet had to wait four years before he was recognized as a god. How did...
Page 53 - European war lord passes the word for all when he says, " I may call upon you to shoot down or bayonet your own relatives, — father and mother, sisters and brothers. My orders in that respect must be executed cheerfully and without grumbling. You must do your duty, no matter what your hearts
Page 53 - ... soldiers,— mine, body and soul ! You have sworn to obey all my commands ; you must follow my rules and my advice without grumbling. It means that, from this day on, you must know but one enemy, and that enemy is my enemy. And if I command you some day to fire upon your own kith and kin, remember our oath ! " That version is terrible enough; but compared with the original draft of the speech, which I happen to have seen on the Kaiser's desk, the words spoken sound almost tame. There it was,...

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