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Page 143 - ... for every day during which he continues to make default, and the local authority may, if they think fit, execute such works, and may recover in a summary manner from the owner the expenses incurred by them in so doing, or may by order declare the same to be private improvement expenses.
Page 139 - ... and the local authority may close any communication between a drain and sewer made in contravention of this section, and may recover in a summary manner from the person so offending any expenses incurred by them under this section.
Page 141 - ... shillings for every day on which the offence is continued after the day on which the first penalty is incurred. Provided...
Page 142 - House, they shall cause Notice in Writing to be given to the Owner or Occupier of such House, requiring him forthwith, or within such reasonable Time as shall be specified therein, to...
Page 142 - ... cause notice in writing to be given to the owner or occupier of the premises...
Page 144 - ... incur a penalty not exceeding five pounds, and a further penalty not exceeding two pounds...
Page 138 - Regulations shall be liable for every such offence to a penalty of five pounds, and in the case of a continuing offence to a further penalty of forty shillings for each day after written notice of the offence from the Council.
Page 140 - ... pipes, cisterns, and apparatus for scouring the same, and for causing the same to convey away the soil, and fit and proper sand traps, expanding inlets, and other apparatus for hindering the entry of improper substances therein, and all other such fit and proper works and arrangements...
Page 142 - ... or Board shall direct ; and whenever any House or Building is rebuilt as aforesaid, the Level of the lowest Floor of such House or Building shall be raised sufficiently to allow of the Construction of such a Drain and such Branches thereto and other Works and Apparatus as are herein-before required, and for that Purpose the Levels shall be taken and determined under the Direction of the Vestry or District Board.
Page 138 - If the drain watercloset earthcloset privy ashpit or cesspool on examination is found to be in proper condition, he shall cause the ground to be closed, and any damage done to be made good as soon as can be, and the expenses of the works shall be defrayed by the local authority.

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