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Page 191 - ... of a towel wrung out of cold water and applied to the base of the brain. While not forgetting the soporific hot pillow, we would suggest the following plan recently published in the Lancet: " The sufferer from insomnia, after taking a deep inspiration holds his breath until discomfort is felt. He repeats the process a second and third time. As a rule this suffices to induce sleep. The idea is that it causes a slight degree of asphyxia. It may also help from the mental effort of concentration...
Page 72 - ... carry in ourselves while living a portion of our own corpse, but we resist the work of auto-infection by two distinct mechanisms — the elimination of toxic substance, and its destruction by oxygen.
Page 225 - These by-laws may be altered or amended at any regular meeting, by a vote of a majority of the members present.
Page 223 - Secretary to give notice of the annual and other meetings of the Society, keep a record of its proceedings, conduct its correspondence, and have charge of its archives.
Page 161 - ... 1. Inflammation of the genital mucous membrane; endocolpitis and endometritis. a. Superficial. b. Ulcerative (diphtheritic). 2. Inflammation of the uterine parenchyma, and of the subserous and pelvic cellular tissue. a. ' Exudation, circumscribed. b. Phlegmonous, diffused; with lymphangitis and pyaemia (lymphatic form of peritonitis). 3. Inflammation of the peritoneum covering the uterus and its appendages — pelvic peritonitis and diffused peritonitis. 4. Phlebitis uterina, and para-uterine,...
Page 223 - Society, to preserve order, to regulate the debates, to state motions and questions, and to announce the decisions thereupon. If neither the President nor any of the Vice-Presidents be present at a meeting, the Society may choose a member to act as President at that meeting.
Page 72 - Peter made the following remarks: " M. Gauthier has shown that in the dead body, and even in the living, ptomaines are found; these alkaloids, ptomaines or leucomaines, are absolutely toxic; an auto-infection, characterized by hyperthermia, is the result. This theory rids us, at least for a time, of the tyranny of the microbes.
Page 26 - The modern homeopathic physician is a regular graduate of a legally incorporated college. He believes that the law expressed by " similia similibus curantur " furnishes the surest rule for the selection of drugs in the application to the relief of disease; that the only way to learn the action of drugs upon the human organism is to administer them to persons in health; that the effect of any drug is best observed by administering it singly; that in disease the least amount of a drug necessary to...
Page 102 - There are those who, while they believe implicitly in the formula similia similibus curantur, as covering the widest field in therapeutics, are of opinion that it cannot always be applied, first, because the materia medica is imperfect; and, second, because our knowledge of it is often insufficient ; who believe that there are methods of curing disease other than the homoeopathic ; who consider it necessary for the physician to understand as perfectly as the short span of his life will permit the...
Page 174 - I meet a yet larger number among women of the upper classes, where the disease is caused by unhappy love affairs, losses of money, and the daily fret and wearisomeness of lives, which passing out of maidenhood, lack those distinct purposes and aims which, in the lives of men, are like the steadying influence of the fly-wheel in an engine.

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