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Page 26 - A state of the province of Georgia, attested upon oath in the court of Savannah, November 10, 1740 [by W.
Page 63 - The board shall meet for the transaction of business as often as once in each calendar month thereafter and may adjourn for a shorter time. Special meetings may be called by the president or in his absence by any two members of the board or by...
Page 59 - Society. 4. The Treasurer shall collect, receive, and disburse all moneys due and payable, and all donations and bequests of money, or other property, to the Society. He shall pay, under proper vouchers, all the ordinary expenses of the Society, and shall...
Page 28 - Order Book of Samuel Elbert, Colonel and Brigadier General in the Continental Army, October, 1776, to November, 1778; Letter Book of Governor Samuel Elbert, from January, 1785, to November, 1785.
Page 61 - Library shall have the supervisory care of all the printed publications, manuscripts, and curiosities. They shall, with the Librarian, provide suitable shelves, cases and fixtures, by which to arrange and display them. The printed volumes and manuscripts shall be regularly numbered, and marked with the name of the
Page 58 - He shall perform such other duties as may from time to time be assigned to him by the Executive Committee.
Page 27 - Report of Governor Sir James Wright to Lord Dartmouth on the Condition of the Colony, September 20, 1773 ; Letters from Governor Sir James Wright to the Earl of Dartmouth and Lord George Germain, Secretaries of State for America, August 24, 1774, to February 16, 1782.
Page 61 - Library at least once each week, officially — and shall provide a book or books, in which the Librarian shall keep a record of their proceedings — and be entrusted, in general, with the custody, care and increase, of whatever comes within the province of their appointed duty. 8. The Committee on Printing and Publishing, shall prepare for publication whatever documents or collections shall be ordered, by the Society — shall contract for, and supervise the printing of the same, and shall furnish...
Page 27 - Savannah, 1848. 8vo, pp. 88. Contents : Introduction. Biographical Sketch .of Benjamin Hawkins; The Creek Confederacy (by WB Hodgson) ; A Sketch of the Creek Country, in 1798 and 1799 (by B. Hawkins).
Page 60 - MS., document, paper, or any property of the Society, confided to his keeping, be removed from the room. He shall also be furnished with a book, in which to record all donations and bequests, of whatsoever kind, relating to his department, with the name of the donor, and the time when bestowed. 6. The Curators, with the President...

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