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Page 48 - Bressa Prize has begun, to which, according to the testator's will, scientific men and inventors of all nations will be admitted. A prize will therefore be given to the scientific author or inventor, whatever be his nationality, who during the years
Page 48 - The Royal Academy of Sciences of Turin, in accordance with the last will and testament of Dr. Cesare Alessandro Bressa and in conformity with the Programme published December 7th, 1876, announces that the term for competition for scientific works and discoveries made in the four previous years
Page 96 - The distracted husband was wandering along the banks of the river looking for the dead body, when a countryman accosted him thus :—" O Friend, if, as I am informed, your wife has been carried away in the flood, she must have floated down the stream with the rest of the
Page 48 - according to the judgment of the Royal Academy " of Sciences of Turin, shall have made the most important and useful " discovery, or published the most valuable work on physical and
Page 108 - The Alichor Pamir runs east and west, parallel to the Great and Little Pamirs. According to Wakhi accounts, it is similar in character to them, broad at the eastern and narrow at the western end. It is connected with the Great Pamir by the Dasht-i-Khargoshi, a desert
Page 48 - Science, Natural History, Mathematics, Chemistry, Phy"siology and Pathology, as well as Geology, History, Geography and " Statistics." " The term will be closed at the end of December
Page 49 - The value of the prize amounts to 12,000 Italian Lire. " The prize will in no case be given to any of the National Members of the Academy of Turin, resident or non-resident.
Page 97 - Ah, Sir," answered the wretched Baneyri, " you did not know that wife of mine. She always took an opposite course to every
Page 144 - American Constitutions:—The Relations of the three Departments as adjusted by a Century, by Horace Davis.
Page 93 - from the barbarous Hindi into the refined Persian in order that there may be no more need of a reference to

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