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U.S. Dept. of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 1975 - Transportation - 329 pages
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Page 325 - Environment or of the Department of Transport. Extracts from the text may be reproduced, except for commercial purposes, provided the source is acknowledged.
Page 329 - The work described in this paper forms part of the programme of the Transport and Road Research Laboratory and the paper is published by permission of the Director.
Page 45 - ... headlamps in field target identification tests. Results of these studies indicate that motorcycle headlamps should distribute illumination in areas on or about the road surface that are not dealt with by the low beam motorcycle photometric standard specified in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 108. New photometric standards, based on the various findings, are recommended for three classes of motorcycles representing three maximum speed categories. Recommendations are also made concerning...
Page 45 - ... provided comparisons of the relative efficiency of a number of high and low beam headlamps in field target identification tests. Results of these studies indicate that motorcycle headlamps should distribute illumination in areas on...
Page 203 - A Study of the Dynamics of Airplane Braking Systems as Affected by Tire Elasticity and Brake Response.
Page 45 - A research program was conducted which: (1) quantified the characteristics of currently available motorcycle headlamps; (2) examined the headlamp aim of 90 in-service motorcycles; (3) examined the eye fixations of two motorcycle drivers while operating a motorcycle in daylight; (4) provided subjective ratings of a number of quantitatively different low beam headlamps which were evaluated in terms of photometric characteristics of the lamps; (5) determined subjectively desirable headlamp aim by enabling...
Page 325 - Kingdom at the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL) of the Department of the Environment aimed at reducing accidents and casualties of riders and passengers.
Page 58 - ... aim, it is seen that a lamp which would produce these aims would have a symmetric beam relationship but would be aimed slightly to the right. The vertical separation between high- and low-beam hotspots would also be smaller (1.5) than is typical of current design practices.
Page 56 - The results of this survey provide considerable support to the definition of the three characteristic areas of importance developed in the subjective beam pattern evaluation study. They also support the finding of the eye fixation study that motorcyclists are concerned with adequate vision of the road in the immediate foreground. Limited support is given, however, to the eye fixation study finding that the right side of the road is an area of primary importance in vision.
Page 62 - Standardization of Lamp Dimensional Specifications The surveys of the state-of-the-art of motorcycle headlighting have shown that little standardization exists in the design of motorcycle headlamps. Currently supplied and available lamps differ markedly in their physical dimensions, mounting and wiring configurations, power requirements, and beam patterns. This lack of standardization severely limits the available sources of replacement headlamps and is a possible impediment to the replacement by...

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