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Page 24 - Unity. — So far, therefore, as our knowledge of the pathology of post-natal and ante-natal life has carried us, it would seem that the same morbid causes are in action in all the periods into which the existence of the organism has been divided.
Page 322 - Adami the effects of syphilis upon the aorta are the following: (1) the primary disturbance is a granulomatous, inflammatory degeneration of the media; (2) this leads to a local giving away of the aorta; (3) if this be moderate it results in a strain hypertrophy of the intima and of -the adventitia, with the development of a nodose intimal sclerosis; (4) if it be extreme, there results, on the contrary, an overstrain atrophy of the intima and aneurysm formation; (5) the intimal nodosities are here...
Page 234 - ... various degrees of involvement ranging from slight acute parenchymatous nephritis to the typical contracted kidney. To relatively few of the interstitial group could be ascribed a primary part in the arteriosclerosis and cardiac hypertrophy, even if in general one were inclined to favor such view. CONCLUSIONS 1. The lesion of the intracerebral arteries in cases of spontaneous cerebral hemorrhage is primary in the intima, beginning apparently in the elastic layer, and is simply arteriosclerosis,...
Page 103 - In every case examined tubercle bacilli were observed. Sometimes only a few were seen, but they were mostly in large numbers, and clumps of 30 to 40 bacilli were not unusual, especially in the cases of acute miliary tuberculosis.
Page 102 - ... in normal salt solution. The mixture is well shaken and placed in the refrigerator for twenty-four hours. At the end of this time there is an abundant sediment with the citrate solution slightly turbid.
Page 111 - We thought a few years ago we had, in the absence of free hydrochloric acid and the presence of lactic acid, an infallible indication of cancer.
Page 138 - ... generally but not always in the gravest cases or in those known as septic cases. In this series of fatal cases the number of infections with the streptococcus was but slightly greater than that with the diphtheria bacillus. Whether the diphtheria bacillus does or does not continue to produce the toxic products wherever it may be in the blood or internal organs it is impossible to say, but from the number of fatal cases with such an infection it would seem very probable that it does.
Page 322 - ... less nourishment, and so are liable to exhibit fatty degeneration and necrosis; (6) these products of necrosis exert a chemotactic influence upon the nearby vessels of the medial granulation tissue, with, as a result, (a) a secondary and late entrance of new vessels into the early and deeply-placed atheromatous area...
Page 322 - We thus arrive at the following conclusions regarding the effects of syphilis upon the aorta: (1) The primary disturbance is a granulomatous, inflammatory degeneration of the media, (2) This leads to a local giving away of the aorta. (3) If this be moderate it results in a strain hypertrophy of the inthna and of the adventitia, with the development of a nodose intimal sclerosis.
Page 333 - Thus we revert to our main conclusions that the dominant primary event in the arteriosclerotic process — syphilitic, senile, or functional — is a localized or it may be a diffuse weakening of the arterial wall and especially of the media. This induces increased strain upon the remaining coats; and if this be not excessive, that strain leads more especially to connective tissue overgrowth and the development of the characteristic lesions of arteriosclerosis.

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