Proceedings of the Liverpool Geological Society, Volume 5

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Page 8 - 1 Whence it appears, not only that in proportion as knowledge becomes quantitative do its previsions become complete as well as certain, but that until its assumption of a quantitative character it is necessarily confined to the most elementary
Page 275 - In Craven's wilds is many a den To shelter persecuted men, Far underground is many a cave Where they might lie as in the grave.
Page 30 - absence of actual mud or clay deposits, indicate that there is here, at the bottom, sufficient current to prevent, for the most part, the deposition of fine argillaceous sediments over the upper portion of the slope in 65 to 150 fathoms. Such materials are probably carried along till they eventually
Page 16 - importance that has hitherto been strangely overlooked ? Not less surprising, considering the apparent insolubility of silica by ordinary agencies, || is the fact that in round numbers from 23 to 24 millions of tons of silica are poured into the sea annually by this river, while there
Page 25 - Taking into consideration what we know of the geology of the world, I think we have sufficient grounds for a provisional assumption that about 100 tons of rocky matter is dissolved by rain per English square mile per annum.
Page 109 - British Museum. Bristol Naturalists' Society. Bodleian Library, Oxford. Boston Society of Natural History, US Chester Society of Natural Science. Dudley and Midland Geological and Scientific Society. Epping Forest and County of Essex Naturalists' Field Club. Editor of " Geological Becord." " Nature." ,, " Geological Magazine." ,, " Science Gossip.
Page 25 - of the water is different, that of the Para being of a dingy orange brown, whilst the Amazons has an ochreous or yellowish clay in it." Also: " Indeed the fresh water tinges the sea along the shores of Guiana to a distance of nearly 200 miles from the mouth of the river." * INFERENCES AND GENERALIZATIONS. In my former address I said
Page 208 - Geological Magazine." ,, " Science Gossip." Ertborn, Le Baron 0. Van, Anvers, Belgique. ^'Geological Society of Edinburgh. '-Geological Society of Glasgow. Geological Society of London. *Geological Society of Manchester. Geological Society of Norwich. '-Geological Society of Australasia, Melbourne. "Geological Survey of the United States. Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire, Leeds. *Geologists' Association, London. ^Glasgow Philosophical Society. Hayden, Dr., United...
Page 16 - and from the Danube basin 90 tons, so this is a mean, and probably correct. It has been estimated that the basin of the Mississippi is lowered at the rate of one foot in 6,000 years,
Page 57 - Sand having the grains chemically corroded, so as to produce a peculiar texture of the surface, differing from that of worn grains or crystals.

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