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Page 135 - in ancient times their territory must have extended much further to the north and east, as their coins are found all over the country as far as Delhi and Ludiana.
Page 98 - India,—Synopsis of the Results of the operations of the Great Trigonometrical Survey of India, Vols.
Page 114 - containing correspondence between the Government of India and the Secretary of State on the
Page 127 - Annual Report on the Police Administration of the Town of Calcutta and its suburbs for the year
Page 79 - the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool,— Proceedings of the Literary and Philosophical Society of Liverpool, Vols. XXXV, XXXVI
Page 43 - Fortegnelse over den Tilvaext som det kgl. Frederiks Universitets Bibliothek har erholdt i Aarene 1880-81.
Page 183 - There is one other matter which I would like to bring to your notice, and that is the
Page 189 - which Arab geographers still call Tokharestan. 2. An ethnographical term used by the Greeks to designate the Tocharoi or Indo-Scythians, and likewise by Chinese writers applied to the
Page 200 - and surprises, and in this system they excel. Small bodies of men will crouch quietly for hours in the jungle, hiding themselves with the aid of leaves and bushes, which they plant in front of them, and wait for the arrival of a convoy, into which they will fire a volley of poisoned arrows
Page 47 - Government, N.'W. Provinces,—Statistical, Descriptive and Historical account of the North-Western Provinces of India, Vol. IX,

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