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Page 53 - The limitations which this statute places upon her contractual powers, upon her right to agree with her employer as to the time she shall labor, are not imposed solely for her benefit, but also largely for the benefit of all.
Page 53 - ... labor, particularly when done standing, the influence of vigorous health upon the future well-being of the race, the self-reliance which enables one to assert full rights, and in the capacity to maintain the struggle for subsistence. This difference justifies a difference in legislation and upholds that which is designed to compensate for some of the burdens which rest upon her.
Page 35 - ARTICLE I— NAME. The name of this organization shall be the National Women's Trade Union League of America.
Page 6 - The above, as we have stated, was his language in substance; the following, we are willing to testify, to be his words in conclusion : " But, gentlemen, as long as I am an American citizen, and as long as American blood runs in these veins, I shall hold myself at liberty to speak, to write, and to publish whatever I please on any subject — being amenable to the laws of my country for the same.
Page 41 - Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions, signed by the president and secretary, be forwarded to the family of the deceased.
Page 36 - Each local League shall be entitled to send one delegate with one vote for every 25 members or fraction thereof, up to 500 members, and after that, one to every 50.
Page 36 - A carrier may terminate its membership by formal withdrawal after the payment of assessments due; or if it shall fail to pay its dues and assessments for two consecutive years its membership may be terminated by the Board of Directors. ARTICLE 7. Its officers shall consist of a President, a First VicePresident, a Second Vice-President, and a General Secretary and Treasurer. The term of any such officer shall terminate with the appointment of his successor. These officers shall receive such salaries,...
Page 41 - States : Therefore be it Resolved, That the National Women's Trade Union League in convention assembled favors the passage by Congress of the Smith-Towner bill, revised, introduced in the House of Representatives by Congressman Horace Mann Towner, of Iowa, at the request of the American Federation of Labor, the American Federation of Teachers, and the National Education Association.
Page 53 - That the State Department of Health be urged to appoint women physicians as health inspectors, whose duty...
Page 44 - Stone, clay and glass products; metals, machines and conveyances; wood manufactures; leather and rubber goods; chemicals, oils, paints, etc.; paper and pulp; printing and paper goods; textiles; clothing, millinery and laundry; food, liquors and tobacco; water, light and power distribution; the building industry.

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