Proceedings and Circulars of the Joint Committee (Freight Dept.)

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Page 74 - Rule 8 (A). When a number of different articles in packages of the same class are shipped at one time by one shipper to one consignee at one point of delivery, in full car-loads, they shall be taken at the rate per hundred pounds for such class in carloads. If the articles are of more than one class the carload rate and minimum carload weight for the article in the highest class shall be charged on all the articles that make up the carload.
Page 165 - Grand Rapids & Indiana, Indianapolis & St. Louis, Indiana, Bloomington & Western, . Lake Shore & Michigan Southern, Michigan Central, .... New York, Chicago & St. Louis, . New York Central & Hudson River, FRANK HARRIOTT.
Page 76 - RULE 5. (a) Agents at points of shipment will take care to assure themselves that contents of packages are actually what they purport to be ; if they have reason to suspect that an attempt is being made to deceive the carrier, or avoid proper classification, they will require an examination of contents, or other sufficient evidence that they are correctly described, before or after receipting for same.
Page 35 - Cut stone, marble, tombstones, monuments and statuary, in pieces, five tons or over to be loaded and unloaded at risk and expense of shipper and consignee.
Page 35 - Statutary, in pieces weighing five tons or over, to be loaded and unloaded at risk and expense of shipper and consignee.
Page 74 - A smaller quantity of freight will not be charged a greater sum than a larger quantity ; for instance, the charge for 120 barrels of flour, LCL, will not be greater than for 125 barrels, CL n.
Page 76 - ... would have entitled it to a lower rating, and could have been shipped in a box car. was sent you on an open car, for which the western classification, which covers interstate shipments, provides that "Articles loaded on open cars shall be charged at actual weight at classified rates, provided that in no case shall the charge for the shipment be less than for 5,000 pounds at first class rates for each car used, subject, however, to the maximum charge prescribed by rule 15.
Page 30 - The Lackawanna can adopt and conform to the rules and regulations under which railroad companies exchange business with each other, but, not desiring to do so, it cannot expect to extend its operations and become a forwarder of freight beyond the line of its own road.
Page 138 - Cincinnati, Ohio, all rail 40 The rates from Memphis via river-and-rail and rail-and-water shall be the same as via all-rail, with the privilege to the rail-and-water lines to pay to the insurance companies, but not to the shippers, the cost of insurance, such payments to be made only upon the approval of the Commissioner. On compressed cotton reaching the following points, via river, under through bills of lading on steamers of lines working under agreed through rates from Memphis, the proportion...
Page 54 - Any package containing articles of more than one class will be charged at the tariff rate for the highest classed article contained therein.

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