Proceedings [of The] Annual Business Meeting, Issues 36-40

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State Historical Society of Wisconsin., 1889 - Wisconsin

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Page 2 - Then let us pray that come it may, As come it will for a' that, That sense and worth, o'er a' the earth, May bear the gree and a' that. For a
Page 68 - ... knowledge in the principles of politics and good government, and, as a matter of infinite importance in my judgment, by associating with each other, and forming friendships in juvenile years, be enabled to free themselves in a proper degree from, those local prejudices and habitual jealousies which have just been mentioned, and which, when carried to excess, are never-failing sources of disquietude to the public mind, and pregnant of mischievous consequences to this country.
Page 73 - the true University of these days is a collection of Books...
Page 21 - ... free and voluntary act and deed for the uses and purposes therein set forth.
Page 63 - The savages," wrote La Salle, "take better care of us French than of their own children ; from us only can they get guns and goods." This accounts for the trader's power and the rapidity of his advance. Thus the disintegrating forces of civilization entered the wilderness. Every river valley and Indian trail became a fissure in Indian society, and so that society became honeycombed.
Page 62 - ... to praise the lawgivers of antiquity ; we help to perpetuate the fame of Solon and Lycurgus; but I doubt whether one single law of any lawgiver, ancient or modern, has produced effects of more distinct, marked, and lasting character than the Ordinance of 1787. We see its consequences at this moment, and we shall never cease to see them, perhaps, while the Ohio shall flow.
Page 68 - Potomac, remained a dream for three-quarters of a century. But there is nothing more real or persistent than the dreams of great men, whether statesmen like Baron von Stein, or poets like Dante and Petrarch, or prophets like Savonarola, or thinkers like St. Thomas Aquinas, the Fathers of the Church and of Greek philosophy. States are overthrown; literatures are lost; temples are destroyed; systems of thought are shattered to pieces like the statues of...
Page 67 - ... income of $52,000, making a total of $128,000, which the state gives annually to its highest institution of learning. Altogether, California has expended upon higher education more than two and one-half million dollars.
Page 68 - ... on a liberal scale, which would have a tendency to spread systematic ideas through all parts of this rising empire, thereby to do away local attachments and State prejudices, as far as the nature of things would, or indeed ought to admit, from our national councils. Looking anxiously forward to the accomplishment of so desirable an object as this is (in my estimation), my mind has not been able to contemplate any plan more likely to effect the measure, than the establishment of a UNIVEUSITY in...
Page 68 - For these reasons, it has been my ardent wish, to see a plan devised on a liberal scale, which would have a tendency to...

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