Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Band 7

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1856
"Publications of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia": v. 53, 1901, p. 788-794.

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Seite x - Report on the geology of the coast mountains and part of the Sierra Nevada, embracing their industrial resources in agriculture and mining; by Dr.
Seite v - Report of the Proceedings of the Geological and Polytechnic Society of the West Riding of Yorkshire, 1844-5 and 1855.
Seite 129 - They vary in size from the microscopic diatoms to forms whose stems resemble those of forest trees, and whose fronds rival the leaves of the palm. They are entirely composed of cellular tissue, and many are edible and nutritious, as carrageen or Irish moss, dulse, etc.
Seite 70 - The geologic evidence is so complete as to be patent to all, that the first great period of organized being was, as described in the Mosaic record, peculiarly a period of herbs and trees, " yielding seed after their kind.
Seite 103 - ... was quite active. Their limbs and strong claws are admirably adapted for crawling over the rugged and fissured masses of lava, which everywhere form the coast. In such situations, a group of six or seven of these hideous reptiles may oftentimes be seen on the black rocks, a few feet above the surf, basking in the sun with outstretched legs.
Seite 404 - This species is remarkable for the intense pain caused by its bite. I do not know whether it ever willingly plunges its rostrum into any person ; but when caught or unskilfully handled, it always stings.
Seite 251 - Association at one sitting, and laid over to a subsequent sitting, when, upon receiving the votes of two-thirds of the members present, it shall become a part of these by-laws. ARTICLE VIII. DELEGATES. Five delegates and live alternates shall be annually elected to attend the meetings of the American Pharmaceutical Association ; also, to attend the National Retail Druggists
Seite 319 - When mature, the eggs either fall into the space between the membranes or ovarian pouches, or else remain attached to the ovaries until the embryos issue out of them. We are inclined to think that they drop into the pouches as eggs. At any rate we found very young embryos loosely contained in the ovarian pouches when no trace of the egg membrane could bo seen within the tissues of the ovaries in the shape of a corpus luteum or a graffian vesicle.
Seite 15 - Rectification of Mr. TA Conrad's " Synopsis of the Family of Naiades of North America.
Seite 11 - ... lappets of a reddish-orange color, which lay on the base of the upper mandible. The plumage of the bird is gener ally white or cream color, except the quill-feathers of the wings and two or three rows of coverts, which are beautiful dark brown ; the tail, which is rather large and white, is tipped with this dark brown or black ; the legs and feet are of a clear white ; the eye is encircled with a gold-colored iris, the pupil black.

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