Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Issue 5

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Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1885 - Electronic journals
"Publications of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia": v. 53, 1901, p. 788-794.

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Page 279 - Harbour, and some way up the river; but we could never take any of them. Several have shot sluggs at them, but lost their labour.
Page 264 - ... the other two. Occipital segment widest and most prominent in the middle, scarcely equaling the transverse diameter of the posterior extremity of the glabella ; neck furrow well defined, but deepest on each side, and arching a little forward in the middle ; its continuations across the posterior sides of the cheeks broad, deep, and straighter than the posterior margin — extending nearly to the lateral margins of the cheeks, where they curve a little backwards. Cheeks sloping slightly around...
Page 296 - Cambridge. Annual Report of the Trustees of the Museum of Comparative Zoology for 1864 ; also for 1862.
Page 289 - Secretaries of the House of Bishops and of the House of. Clerical and Lay Deputies of the Protestant Episcopal Convention, Oct.
Page 265 - Segments equaling the antero-posterior diameter of the posterior lateral lobes of the glabella ; each curving abruptly backwards at the outer extremity, and terminating in a flat, sharply pointed, or lanceolate projection, most produced in the posterior ones ; provided with a deep, well defined, longitudinal furrow, which starts from the anterior side of the inner end, and...
Page 265 - ... lateral margins contracted behind the anterior lateral angles, and converging a little posteriorly, for about two-thirds the entire length, thence more abruptly to the posterior extremity, which is transversely truncated, and provided on each side with a minute, slightly projecting point ; while still farther forward on each lateral margin, there appears to be traces of another minute slightly projecting irregularity of outline. Around the anterior and lateral margins, there is a more or less...
Page 255 - ... rising abruptly from the surface, usually about their own breadth apart ; constrictions between the annulations with fine, sharply elevated, longitudinal striae, which are not continued upon the rings.
Page 269 - ... termination; about half its own greatest anterior breadth within the flattened margin; segments fourteen or fifteen, distinctly defined, smaller than those of the thorax. Lateral lobes depressed below the mesial lobe, somewhat flattened on the inner side, and sloping to the rather narrow and more flattened border ; segments ten, somewhat oblique, well defined for...
Page 271 - ... moderately wide, smooth, depressed, nearly flat or sloping marginal zone, trilobation as in the thorax, strongly defined ; mesial lobe prominent, as wide anteriorly as one of the lateral lobes, including its border, distinctly flattened on each side, slightly. tapering to an obtuse termination, less than half its own greatest anterior breadth from the posterior edge, segments eleven or twelve, well defined above, but nearly obsolete on the flattened sides. Lateral lobes convex, but distinctly...
Page 299 - From the Author. Dollen, W. Die Zeitbestimmung vermittelst des tragbaren Durchgangsinstruments im Verticale des Polarsterns. St. Petersburg, 1863.

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