Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Volume 20

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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Page 541 - Literature and the Fine Arts. Charles F. Adams, Boston. George S. Boutwell, Groton. J. Elliot Cabot, Brookline. Francis J. Child, Cambridge. Charles G. Loring, Boston. James Russell Lowell, Cambridge. Charles Eliot Norton, Cambridge. Thomas W. Parsons, Boston. Charles C. Perkins, Boston. HH Richardson, Brookline. John G. Whittier, Amesbury. ASSOCIATE FELLOWS.
Page 543 - JC Dalton, New York. Joseph Leidy, Philadelphia. OC Marsh, New Haven, Conn. S. Weir Mitchell, Philadelphia. AS Packard, Providence. SECTION IV. — 5. Medicine and Surgery. Fordyce Barker, New York. John S. Billings, Washington, DC Jacob M. Da Costa, Philadelphia. WAHammond, New York. Alfred Stille*. Philadelphia. CLASS
Page 540 - Brookline. Edward L. Mark, Cambridge. Charles S. Minot, Boston. Edward S. Morse, Salem. James J. Putnam, Boston. Samuel H. Scudder, Cambridge. D. Humphreys Storer, Boston. Henry Wheatland, Salem. James C. White, Boston. * SECTION IV. — 19. Medicine and Surgery.
Page 250 - division, and which I have named Second fauna. It is then just to recognize this priority, and I think it all the more fitting to state it at this time, that it has not been claimed to this day.
Page 540 - Robert Amory, Brookline. Nath. E. Atwood, Provincetown. James M. Barnard, Boston. Henry P. Bowditch, Boston. Edward Burgess, Boston. John Dean, Waltham. Walter Faxon, Cambridge. Hermann A. Hagen, Cambridge. Charles E. Hamlin, Cambridge. Alpheus Hyatt, Boston. Samuel Kneeland, Boston. Theodore Lyman, Brookline.
Page 404 - VARIABLES. It is hoped that observers of variable stars will continue to furnish accounts of their work during each year as soon as possible after its close. It is desirable that these accounts should be received at the Harvard College Observatory as early as February 1 of the following year.
Page 538 - enjoyed any self-satisfaction in anything I have ever done, for I have inevitably made a mental comparison with how it might have been better done. The motto of one of my diaries,
Page 541 - Edward Atkinson, Boston. John Cummings, Woburn. Charles Deane, Cambridge. Charles F. Dunbar, Cambridge. Samuel Eliot, Boston. George E. Ellis, Boston. Edwin L. Godkin, New York. Edward Everett Hale, Boston. Henry P. Kidder, Boston. Henry C. Lodge, Boston.
Page 492 - The suggestion of employing the light from a strip of platinum rendered incandescent by an electrical current is really due to Dr. John W. Draper, of New York, who in 1847 enunciated it as follows: " A surface of platinum of standard dimensions raised to a standard temperature by a voltaic current will always emit a constant light. A strip of that metal one inch long and
Page 174 - and elsewhere, it became evident that there was still a series older than the Silurian. The proof of this has been accumulating ever since; and the Taconic system is found to rest upon primary rocks without an exception; and it has now been observed through the whole length of the States, from

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