Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Volume 20

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Vol. 12 (from May 1876 to May 1877) includes: Researches in telephony / by A. Graham Bell.

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Page 543 - the Fine Arts. Charles F. Adams, Boston. George S. Boutwell, Groton. J. Elliot Cabot, Brookline. Francis J. Child, Cambridge. Charles G. Loring, Boston. James Russell Lowell, Cambridge. Charles Eliot Norton, Cambridge. Thomas W. Parsons, Boston. Charles C. Perkins, Boston. HH Richardson, Brookline. John G. Whittier, Amesbury. ASSOCIATE FELLOWS.
Page 541 - WS Clark, Amherst. Josiah P. Cooke, Cambridge. James M. Crafts, Boston. Charles R. Cross, Boston. William P. Dexter, Roxbury. Amos E. Dolbear, Somerville. Charles W. Eliot, Cambridge. Moses G. Farmer, New York. Thomas Gaffield, Boston. Wolcott Gibbs, Cambridge. Frank A. Gooch, Cambridge. Edwin II. Hall, Cambridge. Henry B. Hill, Cambridge. NDC Hodges, Salem. Silas W. Holman, Boston.
Page 252 - division, and which I have named Second fauna. It is then just to recognize this priority, and I think it all the more fitting to state it at this time, that it has not been claimed to this day.
Page 406 - OF SUSPECTED VARIABLES. It is hoped that observers of variable stars will continue to furnish accounts of their work during each year as soon as possible after its close. It is desirable that these accounts should be received at the Harvard College Observatory as early as February 1 of the following year.
Page 540 - enjoyed any self-satisfaction in anything I have ever done, for I have inevitably made a mental comparison with how it might have been better done. The motto of one of my diaries,
Page 543 - Charles Deane, Cambridge. Charles F. Dunbar, Cambridge. Samuel Eliot, Boston. George E. Ellis, Boston. Edwin L. Godkin, New York. Edward Everett Hale, Boston. Henry P. Kidder, Boston. Henry C. Lodge, Boston.
Page 446 - has shown that an amount equal to three times the weight of the oxides to be held in solution is sufficient, unless ammonia be used in enormous excess and the boiling prolonged, — and to employ for its
Page 542 - Boston. Wm. L. Richardson, Boston. George C. Shattuck, Boston. J. Baxter Upham, Boston. Charles E. Ware, Boston. John C. Warren, Boston. Henry W. Williams, Boston. CLASS HI. — Moral and Political
Page 531 - have overlooked this controversy in the Athenaeum, or how, if he knew of it, he could have kept silence. It was only at the close of the year 1850 that Mr. Warlow sent from the coast of "Wales a letter to the
Page 28 - but the yolk contracts considerably without becoming well hardened. The best preparations of the cleavage stages have been obtained with osmic acid followed by a modified form of Merkel's" fluid. This fluid, as used by Dr. Eisig, consists of chromic acid

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