Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society, Volume 4

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American Antiquarian Society., 1888 - United States

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Page 311 - I wish the lecturers to treat their subject as a strict natural science, the greatest of all possible sciences— indeed, in one sense, the only science— that of Infinite Being — without reference to or reliance upon any supposed special exceptional or socalled miraculous revelation.
Page 275 - An Act to redress the misemployment of lands, goods and stocks of money heretofore given to charitable uses.
Page 95 - To the humble Petition of the Ministers of the Church of England, desiring Reformation of certaine ceremonies and abuses of the Church.
Page 119 - Which ended, follows the contribution, one of the deacons saying, Brethren of the congregation, now there is time left for contribution, wherefore as God hath prospered you, so freely offer.
Page 293 - At the usual evening hour the chapel bell began to toll, and Thomas Newcome's hands outside the bed feebly beat time. And just as the last bell struck, a peculiar sweet smile shone over his face, and he lifted up his head a little, and quickly said, " Adsum !
Page 276 - With regard to the latter view, it was a very wise one ; for by that means, in times of Popery, the clergy got almost half the real property of the kingdom into their hands ; and, indeed, I wonder they did not get the rest, as people thought they thereby purchased heaven.
Page 278 - The estates are valued by the surveyor of the house itself at £2,673 a year; yet they are let for £860; and down to 1812 they fetched no more than £336. A free school too, is specially appointed to be kept for all the inhabitants of Croydon; but none has within the memory of man been taught, although the master receives his emoluments, teaching another school for his own profit, and although the inhabitants have established a seminary upon the new plan to give education at their own expense to...
Page 199 - Christianity, have this fortnight been pondering methods to make more effectual that horrid traffic of selling negroes. It has appeared to us that six-and-forty thousand of these wretches are sold every year to our plantations alone ! — it chills one's blood.
Page 50 - JOURNAL HISTORIQUE du dernier voyage que feu M. de la Sale fit dans le Golfe de Mexique, pour trouver l'embouchure et le cours de la riviere de Missicipi, nommee a present la riviere de saint Louis, qui traverse la Louisiane. Ou l'on voit l'histoire tragique de sa mort, et plusieurs choses curieuses du Nouveau Monde.
Page 354 - Trustees for the time being, be rendered by age, infirmity, or otherwise, incapable of discharging the duties of his office, then and so often the remaining part of the Trustees then surviving...

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