Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Issue 29

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Page 741 - It has lengthened life ; it has mitigated pain ; it has extinguished diseases ; it has increased the fertility of the soil ; it has given new securities to the mariner ; it has furnished new arms to the warrior ; it has spanned great rivers and estuaries with bridges of form unknown to our fathers; it has guided the thunderbolt innocuously from heaven to earth ; it has lighted up the night with the...
Page 741 - ... of business; it has enabled man to descend to the depths of the sea, to soar into the air, to penetrate securely into the noxious recesses of the earth, to traverse the land in cars which whirl along without horses, and the ocean in ships which run ten knots an hour against the wind; These are but a part of its fruits, and of its first fruits.
Page 771 - Technology, for the purpose of instituting and maintaining a society of arts, a museum of arts, and a school of industrial science, and aiding generally, by suitable means, the advancement, development and practical application of science in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures and commerce...
Page 92 - ... a quick and sagacious penetration into the true essence of all the objects of our contemplation. This, I think, can rarely exist without the concomitancy of judgment, for how we can be said to have discovered the true essence of two things, without discerning their difference, seems to me hard to conceive. Now this last is the undisputed province of...
Page 93 - Do not suppose that I was a very deep thinker, or was marked as a precocious person. I was a very lively, imaginative person, and could believe in the Arabian Nights as easily as in the Encyclopaedia ; but facts were important to me and saved me.
Page 81 - From the foregoing facts it appears that a current of electricity is produced, for an instant, in a helix of copper wire surrounding a piece of soft iron whenever magnetism is induced in the iron; and a current in an opposite direction when the magnetic action ceases; also that an instantaneous current in one or the other direction accompanies every change in the magnetic intensity of the iron.
Page 571 - Colombia was, by reason of her own delay, to be placed in the "more advantageous" position of claiming not merely the compensation to be paid by the United States for the privilege of completing the canal, but also the...
Page 131 - L Street, at a distance of 213 metres. -Upon placing the telephone to my ear, I heard distinctly from the illuminated receiver the words, " Mr. Bell, if you hear what I say, come to the window and wave your hat.
Page 782 - ARBORETUM, which shall contain, as far as is practicable, all the trees, shrubs, and herbaceous plants, either indigenous or exotic, which can be raised in the open air...
Page 288 - I said, Days should speak, and multitude of years should teach wisdom. But there is a spirit in man : and the inspiration of the Almighty giveth them understanding.

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