Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science

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Page ciii - THE RETIRING PRESIDENT OF THE ASSOCIATION. THE HISTORY OF A DOCTRINE. "Man, being the servant and interpreter of nature, can do and understand so much, and so mueh only, as he has observed, in fact or in thought, of the course of nature. Beyond this he neither knows anything nor can do anything."—BACON'S Novum
Page 368 - It was the purpose of the Convention to establish a currency consisting of the precious metals." Daniel Webster said in a speech quoted by George Bancroft in his recent "Plea for the Constitution, etc.," "There can be no legal tender in this country under the authority of the Government
Page 332 - the intimation was that all who were poor should receive, as indicated by the direction "Go and sell all that thou hast, and give to the poor, and come and follow me and thou shall have treasure in heaven.
Page 313 - individuals as he might deem proper, " asking their cooperation in perfecting a language for learned and commercial purposes, based on the Aryan vocabulary and grammar in their simplest forms; and to that end proposing an International Congress, the first meeting of which shall be held in London or Paris.
Page xxiv - purchasing, holding and conveying real and personal property, which it now is, or hereafter may be, possessed of, with all the powers and privileges, and subject to the restrictions, duties and liabilities set forth in the general laws which now or hereafter may be in force
Page 78 - in his investigation on musical quality, which resulted in the conclusion that " differences in musical quality of tone depend solely on the presence and strength of partial tones, and in no respect on the differences of phase under which these partial tones enter into composition.
Page 110 - may be regarded as strictly definite, atomic, chemical combinations at temperatures higher than their dissociation temperatures. Definite chemical substances may be either formed or decomposed at temperatures which are higher than those at which dissociation commences ; the same phenomenon occurs in solutions ; at ordinary temperatures they can be either formed or decomposed. In addition, the
Page 157 - This association, at the meeting in Buffalo in 1876, "appointed a committee" to consider the propriety of holding an International congress of geologists at Paris during the International exhibition of 1878, for the purpose of getting together comparative collections, maps and sections, and for the settling of
Page 195 - Georgia bay, at the foot of the escarpment, and of the channel across Lake Huron, also at the foot of a high submerged escarpment, show that the ancient St. Lawrence during a period of high continental elevation rose in Lake Michigan, flowed across Lake Huron and down Georgian bay and a
Page 196 - lake region was reduced to sea level and there were no Canadian highlands northward of the great lakes. During the subsequent elevations of the continent, beaches were made around the rising islands. Thus between Lakes Erie, Huron and Ontario, a true beach was formed at 1690 feet above the sea,

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