Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Volume 26

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Page 303 - A more lying, round-about, puzzleheaded delusion than that by which we confuse the clear instincts of truth in our accursed system of spelling was never concocted by the father of falsehood. How can a system of education flourish that begins by so monstrous a falsehood, which the sense of hearing suffices to contradict?
Page 399 - Every one present of the peasantry passed through it, and several children were thrown across the sparkling embers ; while a wooden frame of some eight feet long, with a horse's head fixed to one end and a large white sheet thrown over it, concealing the wood and the man on whose head it was carried, made its appearance. This was greeted with loud shouts as the
Page 318 - You need not be concerned, in writing to me, about your bad spelling; for, in my opinion, as our alphabet now stands, the bad spelling, or what is called so, is generally the best, as conforming to the sound of the letters and of the words.
Page 380 - And who wouldn't see right, sure they blackened his eye! At last, both the factions so positive grew, That each kept a birthday, so Pat then had two, Till Father Mulcahy, who showed them their sins, Said, "No one could have two birthdays, but a twins.
Page 556 - ... of a separate volume on that subject; and recommend that it should be used as the text book in this institution. On motion, it was resolved, that the report of the committee be accepted, and the treatise on English Grammar ; by the Rev. Peter Bullions, adopted as the text book in this academy.
Page 397 - Nativity, they make bonfires, and run along the streets and fields with wisps of straw blazing on long poles to purify the air, which they think infectious, by believing all the devils, spirits, ghosts, and hobgoblins fly abroad this night to hurt mankind.
Page 303 - The shortest description of modern spelling is to say, that, speaking generally, it represents a Victorian pronunciation of popular words by means of symbols imperfectly adapted to an Elizabethan pronunciation ; the symbols themselves being mainly due to the Anglo-French scribes, of the Plantagenet period, whose system was meant to be fonetic.
Page 4 - ... to start when he was called upon by the Minister of the French Republic, lately arrived in New York, to proceed to Kentucky, to execute some business growing out of the relations between France and Spain with regard to the transfer of Louisiana.
Page 380 - twas all a mistake between midnight and morn; For mistakes will occur in a hurry and shock, And some blamed the babby — and some blamed the clock — Till with all their cross-questions, sure, no one could know If the child was too fast or the clock was too slow.

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