Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society Held at Philadelphia for Promoting Useful Knowledge, Volume 26

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Page 307 - A more lying, roundabout, puzzle-headed delusion than that by which we confuse the clear instincts of truth in our accursed system of spelling was never concocted by the father of falsehood.
Page 376 - ... to the author of the best discovery, or most useful invention, relating to Navigation, Astronomy, or Natural Philosophy (mere natural history only excepted...
Page 322 - YOU need not be concerned, in writing to me, about your bad spelling ; for, in my opinion, as our alphabet now stands, the bad spelling, or what is called so, is generally the best, as conforming to the sound of the letters and of the words.
Page 320 - ... approval of all the governments. The scheme thus prepared was privately printed and sent to the respective governments, and then submitted to a ministerial commission, consisting of Von Raumer and eleven other educationists, together with a printer and a publisher. The commission met in January, 1876, and approved of the scheme with certain modifications ; and a report of the whole proceedings has been drawn up and printed.
Page 389 - ... beset and tied round with meadow flowers, if it be early in the summer ; if later, the garland has the addition of apples set round on pegs fastened unto it ; the whole number of dancers begin all at once in a large ring, a man and a woman, and dance round about the bush, so is this garland...
Page 309 - Spelling is often thought of as child's work and of little serious moment, but it is by no means so. The time lost by it is a large part of the whole school-time of the mass of men, and with a large majority of those who are said to read, and who can read if you give them time, it is a fatal bar through life to that easy and intelligent reading which every one ought to have at command.
Page 382 - GOD bless the master of this house, The mistress also ; And all the little children That round the table go...
Page 385 - Boys, don't be fightin' for eight or for nine, Don't be always dividin' — but sometimes combine; Combine eight with nine, and seventeen is the mark, So let that be his birthday,"— "Amen,
Page 403 - Every one present of the peasantry passed through it, and several children were thrown across the sparkling embers, while a wooden frame of some eight feet long, with a horse's head fixed to one end and a large white sheet thrown over it, concealing the wood and the man on whose head it was carried, made its appearance. This was greeted with loud shouts of 'The white horse!
Page 362 - First, that many infants of under three mouths can digest starchy foods. Second, that the individual variations in this regard are so numerous that no broad and general statement can be made as to the period at which infants begin to digest starches ; and Third, that the physician can be absolutely certain that a farinaceous ingredient in the diet of a young infant is beneficial only by an examination of the dejecta under such diet.

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