Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention ..., Volumes 4-5

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Page 26 - University of Michigan University of Minnesota University of Mississippi University of Missouri University of Nebraska University of New...
Page 35 - The principal officers of the Association shall be a President, a Vice President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by and from the Board of Directors.
Page 68 - Xo student shall represent a college or university in any intercollegiate game or contest who has at any time received, either directly or indirectly, money, or any other consideration...
Page 64 - ARTICLE V. DUTIES OF OFFICERS. SECTION 1 . The president shall preside at the meetings of the Association and of the executive committee.
Page 64 - ... Georgia, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina. 5. Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota. 6. Missouri, South Dakota, Kansas. Nebraska, Iowa. 7. Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas. 8. Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Utah, California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington. SEC. 2. The officers of this Association shall be a president, a vice-president, a secretary, and a treasurer (these two offices may be held by the same person), and an executive committee, consisting...
Page 56 - The waning of the physical energies in the midway of the college course is almost the rule, rather than the exception, among us, and cases of complete breaking down are painfully numerous.
Page 56 - Fourth, that while it may not be expedient to mark the gradation of attainment, as in the intellectual branches, yet regularity, attention, and docility should be carefully noted, so as to have their proper weight in the deportment column of the student's general position.
Page 56 - Fifth, that some time shall be allowed out of study hours for those volunteer exercises which different men, according to their tastes, may elect for recreation, and particularly that the bowling alleys be not- given up to promiscuous use, but be allotted at regular hours to those who wish to make use of them : all these volunteer exercises, of whatever kind, to be under the supervision of the gymnasium instructor. Sixth, that the building shall always be closed before dark, that. no light shall...
Page 56 - ... to secure feats of agility and strength, or even powerful muscle, but to keep in good health the whole body. Second. That all the students shall be required to attend on its exercises for half an hour, designated for the purpose, at least four days in the week. Third. The instructor shall assign to each individual such exercises as may be...
Page 17 - ... teaching staff, employed by the governing board of the institution for the full academic year; and further, that athletics be made a regular department, or, combined with physical education, constitute a regular department, and receive the same consideration, and be given equal responsibility, and be held to the same accountability, as any other department in the college or university.

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