Proceedings of the ... Annual Convention of the American Cotton Manufacturers Association

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s.n., 1909 - Cotton trade

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Page 109 - When the produce of any particular branch of industry exceeds what the demand of the country requires, the surplus must be sent abroad, and exchanged for something for which there is a demand at home. Without such exportation, a part of the productive labour of the country must cease, and the value of its annual produce diminish.
Page 119 - That every ship is a missionary of trade; that steamship lines work for their own countries just as railroad lines work for their terminal points, and that it is as absurd for the United States to depend upon foreign ships to distribute its products as it would be for a department store to depend upon the wagons of a competing house to deliver its goods.
Page 119 - ... things must be done. For the most part these things must be done by a multitude of individual efforts; they can not be done by government. Government may help to furnish facilities for the doing of them, but the facilities will be useless unless used by individuals. They can not be done by resolutions of this or any other commercial body; resolutions are useless unless they stir individual business men to action in their own business affairs. The things needed have been fully and specifically...
Page 9 - In all cases where it is not otherwise provided by law, the meetings of the stockholders of every corporation of this state shall be held at its principal office in this state; the directors may hold their meetings, and have an office, and keep the books of the corporation (except the stock and transfer books) outside of...
Page 11 - In Witness Whereof, the said Columbian Hog & Cattle Powder Company has caused these presents to be signed by Its President and attested by Its Secretary and the...
Page 5 - We, the undersigned, in order to form a corporation for the purposes hereinafter stated, under and pursuant to the provisions of the act of the Legislature of the state of New Jersey, entitled "An act concerning corporations (Revision of 1896)," and the acts amendatory thereof and supplemental thereto, do hereby certify as follows: I.
Page 168 - ALLOWABLE VARIATIONS FROM CONTRACT SPECIFICATIONS Width. — The width shall not vary anywhere by more than ^ of an inch below the stipulated width nor more than % of an inch above. The width shall not be uniformly less than the stipulated width, but must, in a majority of places in each piece, be equal to, or greater than, the stipulated width. Goods shall be measured at right angles to the selvages when laid open on a flat horizontal surface and smoothed out by hand, but not stretched.
Page 189 - In all tariff legislation the true principle of protection is best maintained by the imposition of such duties as will equal the difference between the cost of production at home and abroad, together with a reasonable profit to American industries.
Page 14 - QUORUM. A majority of the members of the Board of Governors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business at all meetings, and no action whatever may be taken except upon a majority vote of the members present and voting.
Page 193 - Mother, may I go out to swim?" "Yes, my darling daughter. Hang your clothes on a hickory limb But don't go near the water.

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