Proceedings of the Annual Meeting

Ön Kapak
Society for the Promotion of Engineering Education., 1907
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Sayfa 71 - Engineering Chemistry. A Practical Treatise for the use of Analytical Chemists, Engineers, Iron Masters, Iron Founders, students and others. Comprising methods of Analysis and Valuation of the principal materials used in Engineering works, with numerous Analyses, Examples, and Suggestions.
Sayfa 53 - A practical treatise for the stationary engineer, telling how to erect, adjust and run the principal steam engines in use in the United States. Describing the principal features of various special and well-known makes of engines: Temper Cut-off, Shipping and Receiving Foundations.
Sayfa 70 - Introduction to Modern Scientific Chemistry. In the form of popular lectures suited for University Extension students and general readers. Translated from the Second German Edition by MM Pattison Muir.
Sayfa xlviii - The Proceedings of the Society, and such papers or abstracts as may be approved by the Council, shall be published as soon as possible after each annual meeting. 9. AMENDMENTS. — This Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds...
Sayfa xvii - T. BYRNE, CE Civil Engineer. *\» Author of "Highway Construction," "Inspection of Materials and Workmanship Employed in Construction." JOHN F. HAYFORD, CE Inspector of Geodetic Work and Chief of Computing Division, Coast and Geodetic Survey; American Society of Civil Engineers. Author of "A Textbook of Geodetic Astronomy.
Sayfa 7 - ... Civil Service Commission held an examination and as a result presented to the State Board of Health the following list of elig'ibles: Albert T. Le Due, Eau Claire; Alexander Berens, Stevens Point; Edw. C. Puerner, Fond du Lac; Anton Ertl, Cedarburg; and Wm. L. Smith, Milwaukee. The State Health Officer was instructed to cast the unanimous ballot of the members present for Mr. Smith and Mr. Le Due to succeed themselves as two members of the board of barber examiners. The State Health Officer reported...
Sayfa 49 - Supplement i2mo, 2 50 Encyclopedia of Founding and Dictionary of Foundry Terms Used in the Practice of Moulding i2mo, 3 oo Eissler's Modern High Explosives 8vo, 4 oo Effront's Enzymes and their Applications.
Sayfa 52 - ... on the Designing, Constructing, and Use of Tools, Fixtures and Devices, together with the manner in which they should be used in the Power Press, for the cheap and rapid...
Sayfa 37 - ... previous knowledge of the subject. B. Books treating the subject from the popular standpoint and written in such a manner as to be of general interest. C. Books treating of details of practical application of science and engineering; suitable for city officials...
Sayfa 44 - The earthquake measurer; Electrical furnaces; Harnessing the sun; The inventor and the food problem; Marconi and his great achievements; Lighthouse builders; The newest electric light.

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