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Page 12 - This Constitution may be amended by a vote of two-thirds of the members present at any regular meeting, notice of the proposed amendment having been previously given.
Page 179 - This was printed and used at farmers' institutes in 1894. The value of this method of publication was apparent at once and the method has been generally adopted by experiment stations. As a teacher Professor Slingerland was clear, direct, and painstaking. He had the keenest interest in the needs of each individual student. In the last conversation that the writer had with him, only a few hours before his death, he discussed the work of several of his students. Even at that hour, when it was evident...
Page 78 - Certainly, our orchards are full of the canker fungus, and since it has been proven that this fungus readily attacks apple leaves the above conclusion seems warranted. However, there is is Stewart (144). "Stewart and Knsfcu-o (lV).
Page 12 - III. — Its members shall consist of Annual members, paying an annual fee of one dollar; of Life members, paying a fee of...
Page 44 - If a woman has it she needs nothing else in the world, and if she has it not, nothing else in the world is of any use." A high quality fruit should have some such personality. Is charm marketable? It is in marriage markets. It ought always to be in fiuit markets. High quality does not have the commercial value that it should but it is coming to be worth more and more. There are two kinds of taste, natural taste and acquired taste. Only savages have a natural taste; to them crude, unrefined tasteless...
Page 85 - A soil can be termed fertile only when it contains all the materials requisite for the nutrition of plants, in the required quantity, and in the proper form. " (2). " With every crop, a portion of these ingredients is removed. A part of this portion is again added from the inexhaustible store of the atmosphere; another part, however, is lost forever if not replaced by man.
Page 44 - The word is constantly rolled under the tongue by growers and consumers but like good cheer in the fable is fish to one, flesh to another and fowl to a third. As used in this catalog we mean, in brief, that combination of flavor, aroma, juiciness and tender flesh which makes an apple Agreeable to the palate. Beside these there is a wholly undefinable thing in the quality of a fruit which in human beings would be called personality.
Page 178 - York, the American Association of Economic Entomologists (of which he was president in 1903).
Page 35 - The cultivation of the grape and the making of wine are of the most remote antiquity, as appears from the Scripture history of Noah, and from many passages of the most ancient authors, for example, Vergil and Columella, who both gave instructions in vine cultivation.
Page 156 - A BILL For preventing the manufacture, sale, or transportation of adulterated or mislabeled paint, turpentine, or linseed oil.

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